Networked cables

edSpace is a CORE-led community of practice specifically designed for educators, leaders, participants and wider community to engage with CORE whānau and each other. 

Here you'll find a collection of groups and a mixture of communities - each dedicated to particular interests and people. Some meeting spaces are openly associated with CORE projects, products or services, such as Enable, Empower and Transform programmes (Ngaiotanga), fostering opportunities for many voices to engage, share, debate, challenge and explore. We encourage you join ngā rōpū (the groups) to be actively involved in the community conversations. To contribute to group discussions, you will need to be a group member. You can join groups you have been invited to and open groups that interest you as well.


  • provides a place for educators to network, collaborate and engage in dialogue
  • provides a place for educators to engage in CORE-led knowledge content while also generating knowledge and resources of their own
  • encourages connections between and across sectors, institutions and learning environments with a focus on transformational learning
  • provides a coherent connection between CORE products and services and the clients that engage with these
  • exemplifies the values and beliefs of CORE Education / Tātai Aho Rau 

New to edSpace? Be sure to join the edSpace help group and familiarise yourself with the community guidelines and Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions or suggestions for this space or would like to start and maintain a group, please feel free contact your edSpace community facilitator, Tessa Gray.

Our bottom line

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Nau mai haere mai!