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Continuous learning is a life process. The day we stop learning it would literally be the end of life. Knowledge is the only thing that helps us differentiate between humans and animals.  We as humans have the privilege to think. As students, you find it hard to concentrate in class or feel like giving up. Stress is one of the primary reasons why most students feel like giving up, and it feels like a constant state of being when you are in the middle of your coursework. But if you find a way that you could relax, you will see that passing in your exams and completing assignments are quite more straightforward than you imagined. Here is a story to encourage you on how to shake off your problems.

A man had a donkey that he loved dearly and one day it fell in a ditch. He was unable to pull the donkey out no matter how hard he tried.  He sat down and thought hard about how to remove his lovely donkey from the ditch. After some time he decides to bury the donkey alive. He poured soil on the donkey from above using a shovel. Any time soil would fall on the donkey’s back it would feel the load and step on it. More dirt was poured on the donkey, and it steps on it. It shakes it off and steps up. The more the soil was drained in the ditch, the higher it rose. After a period of like two hours, the donkey was grazing in the green pastures. Both the donkey and the owner were so happy to reunite.

The lesson we can learn from this story is that we should never give up no matter how hard we try and fail. As a student, you may be having a problem with a particular unit or subject. You find that even after doing revision and studying hard you are still failing in that subject. Most students tend to give up and stop revising carefully for that subject. That should not be the case; one should not give up. Read smart, revision; ask for help from your classmates and teachers. After much shaking off of the dust and soil, the donkey rose up. Also get help from online custom writing services like UK essays service and get help with your assignments and UK essays. That means that after trying so hard to pass on that subject, you will finally pass. You will graze in the green pastures as the donkey.

Finally, it is important to realize that whatever dream or goal you are working towards right now remember that things won’t always be smooth. But when the going gets tough to think about all the hardships you had to go through to go to the next level. Everything in life is worth fighting for is not easy to attain, but once you do, you will be so proud of yourself. You will be pleased that you kept on pushing harder and never gave up. You will enjoy the fruits of your labor just as the donkey was grazing in the greener pastures.



My name is Howard, I live in the USA, and work as a freelance writer and part-time teacher. I like to travel and have two dogs. 

Always happy to meet new, interesting people. 

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