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    • Tessa Gray
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      I have just started reading 'The Ego Continuum- A How-to Guide for Shitty Leaders to Become Less Shitty Through Active Leadership'. I am 2 chapters into it and it has given me so much to reflect on already.

      I am going to look at reading some of these books that others are reading. It sounds like there are some really good ones in there.

      - By Esther Stone
      • edSpace
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        Kia ora, Justin I know you're committed to 'leveling the playing field' for your students as per your interview earlier this year, and a great read here for schools, in A tiriti leap of courage, thank you Alex.


        The OECD article had less of a technology slant and more findings akin to the findings from Russell Bishop's work, but a challenge that caught my eye is, Disparities in student results do reflect differences in the level of educational resources disadvantaged groups receive. 

        I've become more interested in a safe and healthy and equitable 'balance' of using technologies as well. Technologies can certainly open windows and doors for our students, if they have equitable access to resources and your points Alex about a) identifying diverse cultural experiences and worldviews and b) enabling Māori and non-Māori to see themselves in their their digital world are also important.

        Devil's advocate >>>

        Does it seem fair to offer home/school connections via online platforms, if there is limited/no access to the Internet at homeIs there any point advocating the 'Bring your own device' if whānau and guardians can't afford it (or the upkeep)? Should we encourage multiple modes for processing/presenting, if it doesn't affirm and expand the language, identities and culture of students through digital technologies?

        Great to see the digital Māori initiatives you've mentioned Alex and some wonderful ideas from Ginette Van Praag in this Enabling e-Learning post, Food for thought...or maybe not? for some strategies schools can try to mitigate the digital divide.

        Also see, The digital divide: what is our moral imperative? 

        Love to hear what other people think too smiley

        - By Tessa Gray
        • Anne Kenneally
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          • Tessa Gray
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            # Tip 15


            Question marks If you want people to talk, then ask them a good question. We're in this community together in the pursuit of changing education for the better.

            What's one trend/issue/concern/gripe/need/question we all share that's common to us all?

            - By Tessa Gray
            • Tessa Gray
              11 August
              Public discussion Created by Tessa Gray

              Out of the mouths of babes... a little bit old, but still gold!

              - By Tessa Gray
              • Nicki Tempero
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                Many schools I have worked with to establish Seesaw have also had positive feedback from parents. The main comments have been  - its easy to use and they like seeing up to date student work.

                Having the students provide feedback to each other and to include questions has increased students engagement , however teachers are finding it difficult to find time . One school in particular has included Seesaw into their reading and writing rotations - to read and make comments as well as adding posts. Teaching students how to comment is important. To move past the "cool" and "awesome" stage can be easily scaffolded through developing ,with the students, possible statements or questions to ask and 3 likes and a wish type comments that they can copy or even copy and paste from a doc.

                Once Seesaw is integrated rather than being a special Seesaw time many teachers have found it less time consuming. 

                A few simple ways to encourage parent/ whanau participation

                • have the students post frequently 
                • remind parents through newsletters
                • seesaw fridge magnet
                • keeping the children excited about using Seesaw 
                • have a parent session to show the why and how about Seesaw
                • share with parents a list of possibly comments - for some it will take away a barrier of wondering what to write 

                just some thoughts ....


                - By Nicki Tempero
                • Nicki Tempero
                  29 November
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                  Thanks for alerting us to this Nicki. Lots of gold in the resource you've shared. Hour of code is a really cool way to shine the light on coding for a week, but also a great way for teachers to dip their toes in and see potential lessons for the classroom too.

                  There's some more ideas shared in the previous years by teachers here too, including Interactive Holiday Cards - Scratch Hour of Code Activity -possible for some keen beans if they could do this at home as well.

                  If I was a teacher just starting out for the first time looking at hour of code, where would you recommend I start... that's not too overwhelming? Tess

                  - By edSpace
                  • Allanah King
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                    I have the MOE response report if you need to see it, they have listened to some of the CAG  recommendations.  Awaiting the reviewed curriculum on December 12th including the new diagram showing the tech curriculum where they have addressed the achievement objectives and progression outcomes.

                    NCEA Level 2 and 3 Achievement Standards are up on the web for those wanting to trial them in 2018.

                    - By Mister_Roberts
                    • Allanah King
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                      It's a great graphic. Sadly digital technology is a very broad and encompassing term that can be used to describe many things in education. Here in NZ it refers to the DT specialist curriculum. Digital Literacy is what a lot of teachers need (as in upskilling) and there is, I think, going to be a more concerted effort to increase the literacy of teachers. After all, if the teachers can not do it or understand it, how can you expect pupils to?  Digital literacy in my view is the responsibility of all teachers, not the DT teachers.

                      - By Mister_Roberts
                      • Allanah King
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                        • Tessa Gray
                          Public discussion Created by Tessa Gray

                          Kia ora Tessa

                          - By Erana Manumoe Haerewa
                          • Kristi
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                            • Tessa Gray
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                              I've found this EDTalks from @alexhoterebarnes really helpful when considering actions or steps to take towards supporting Māori to succeed how they want to succeed in our mahi.

                              Alex Hotere-Barnes - Addressing Pākehā paralysis with non-stupid optimism from EDtalks on Vimeo.

                              Alex talks about having a knowledge of your own cultural identity first, understanding and knowing some levels of te reo and tikanga Maorī and knowing who will benefit from those, being part of the process to help rejuvenate te reo Māori – an important element is to ensure that pronunciation is correct, so practice often to improve your pronunciation and establishing and nurturing long-term relationships (over the long term) to support educational change, so that Māori are not harmed from our educational system.

                              Alex also talks about the importance of overcoming or working through Pākehā paralysis, so that our educational systems is more  inclusive and socially just. What is your take-a-way from this short video?

                              - By Tessa Gray
                              • Elizabeth Craker
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                                If you're keen to see the final breakfast seminar on Multiculturalism - register for the Auckland seminar and workshop by clicking here.  I would love to see you there - Friday 10th November :-)


                                - By Aiono Manu
                                • Tessa Gray
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                                  The biggest thing that challenged me was Ann Milne and Andrew Judd in evaluating my practice, attitude and vocabulary to see where my actions and language perpetuate the colonialist view of education and create inequity in my own and others practice and environment.

                                  - By Denise Barrington
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