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    Tessa Gray
    Misconceptions about MLEs
    23 August
    Public discussion Created by Tessa Gray

    Just stumbled across a conversation in the Facebook NZ Primary teachers facebook page. It was sparked by a teacher viewing a one-page advertisement in magazine from a school who had one catch phrase, 'Open plan, modern learning environments don't work.' In the rest of the thread was a link to a article, Teachers struggle with Modern Learning Environments where one teachers account shows,

    "Endless collaboration between teachers sharing the spaces has distracted them from teaching pupils, who are in turn distracted by each other. Learning outcomes have gone down, not up, but no one wants to discuss the elephant in the room, he says."​

    ClassroomIt was also interesting to watch the ping pong comments sway between comments that MLEs are nothing new and open-plan classrooms have been around since the 80's (without new gadgets) and didn't work then and aren't working now - to comments that say collaborative teaching in an MLE is only as good as the teaching, and;

    If you collaborate, share, respond to individual student needs proactively with your colleagues, and focus on improving student outcomes through building key relationships, then of course it can work. But teachers need to be trained, receptive and supported to implement new ways of doing things. And they have to be people who connect and work well together.

    No doubt this great debate happens all over the country in and out of staffrooms. Is there some substance to concerns? Is there research to either confirm or deny the impact of modern or innovative learning pedagogies? What are the bigger issues here and what supports your argument?

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