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    Tessa Gray
    What's all the fuss about Communities of Online Learning?
    30 August
    Public discussion Created by Tessa Gray

    Blended and digital learning opportunities open up a world of possibilities for students – for some it levels the playing field for those who might already struggle to achievement success in a traditional setting.

    While the Ministry looks into the affordances of Communities of Online Learning by updating the Education Amendment Bill with a legislative framework for online learning, the media and educational publications highlight the general mistrust and concern for this model of learning, with high profile people like NZEI president Louise Green making observations that;

    All the evidence is clear that high-quality teaching is the single biggest influence in-school on children's achievement.

    In the CORE Blog post, What’s cool about COOLs, Derek Wenmoth encourages us to be clear about what is concerning us particularly in relation to clarifying how students will be learning – is it through online learning programmes onsite (school)or off? Ie Who will provide the online learning programmes? Derek also invites us to consider; As the debates around COOLs continue, it is important that, as professionals, we:

    1. Ensure we are clear about what it is we are debating (or objecting to) and not confuse the issue by casting aspersions on the very things that can work and are working for some students, and
    2. Are thoughtful about the evidence we use to support our case and take time to locate and understand the body of evidence that can be considered reliable and valid in terms of what it represents.

    Think of the learners you have seen struggle in a traditional school context or are isolated (geographically or socially) or have specialised learning needs – can you see how blended and digital learning through Communities of Online Learning could support them? How do you see these students accessing high quality teaching? What excites or concerns you and what is informing your opinions/views?

    More good reading from CORE 10 TRENDS: VIRTUAL LEARNING

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