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    Tessa Gray
    3D Gaming and virtual reality in education webinar, 20 Sept 2017
    30 August
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    In the CORE blog, Places in Memory Stephen Lowe talks about how the brain is wired for memory - for our survival. Now with low budget explorations in virtual reality, we can experience vicariously in a computer-generated environment. Stephen's challenge to educators is, use VR to give students places where they can put memories, and to give them pathways along which they go. By all means use the Wow factor to grab their initial attention, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking that that is enough. Instead, aim to engage them at a much deeper level. Use it to deliver rich learning narratives, and attach those stories to vivid imagery, and an immersive sense of location.

    How can we embed powerful learning in the mind of our students using 3D gaming and virtual reality? Want to know more? There is a FREE upcoming online event hosted by Enabling e-Learning;

    smiley LIVE WEBINAR: 3D gaming and virtual reality, 20 Sept, 3:45-4:45 pm

    Virtual realityLast term we looked at how some secondary students from Pakuranga College were designing and creating using robotics, 3D printers and coding. This time we look at how they are learning through 3D gaming and virtual reality. Sounds out there right? Come along and find out more. REGISTRATIONS OPEN NOW! 

    Please feel free to enrol and join us on the day. Better yet, tell us what you're trialing or implementing in your school in regards to virtual reality and powerful learning...we'd love to hear.

    Also see, When virtual reality meets education.

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