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    Nicki Tempero
    How are you using Seesaw in your school?
    23 November
    Public discussion Created by Nicki Tempero

    Many teachers are asking about how schools, teachers and teams are implementing Seesaw into their programmes. How are you integrating Seesaw into your programme and what tips and tricks have you got to share?



    NEW UPDATE for Seesaw 

    Seesaw messaging is now better than ever! Add photos, videos, PDFs, links and more to the announcements and private messages you send in Seesaw. Remind teachers and families to update their apps!

    Parents will need to update their apps Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 6.13.00 PM.png

    - By Nicki Tempero
      • Katrina Laurie
        By Katrina Laurie
        Dec 5

        Some schools I work alongside with have identified that parent feedback is positive- they love having this connection with their child's learning. But, how do we increase the participation and engagement in the learning conversations instead of 'that's cool' or 'well done'. 

        One school has taken to encouraging the students to ask questions in their posts. For example, a year 1 class were posting about the growing patterns they had been learning about in Maths (Algebra). In the posts the students drew their created growing pattern (with the draw tool) and asked the parents to guess what the pattern was. 

        Does anyone else have strategies they use or an idea to try out- how to increase the engagement and participation in learning conversations between students, teachers and parents/whānau?

        • Allanah King
          By Allanah King
          Dec 7

          I think spending time actively teaching commenting- maybe with a commenting wall display to provide examples of what constructive commenting looks like.



          I liked it when you..... When I tried that...... I was wondering...... How did you etc....

          I think also the teacher has to be on their game to have a quick turnaround of moderating commenting and approving posting.

          No one wants to read old conversations that are no longer relevant or timely!

          • Nicki Tempero
            By Nicki Tempero
            Dec 7

            Many schools I have worked with to establish Seesaw have also had positive feedback from parents. The main comments have been  - its easy to use and they like seeing up to date student work.

            Having the students provide feedback to each other and to include questions has increased students engagement , however teachers are finding it difficult to find time . One school in particular has included Seesaw into their reading and writing rotations - to read and make comments as well as adding posts. Teaching students how to comment is important. To move past the "cool" and "awesome" stage can be easily scaffolded through developing ,with the students, possible statements or questions to ask and 3 likes and a wish type comments that they can copy or even copy and paste from a doc.

            Once Seesaw is integrated rather than being a special Seesaw time many teachers have found it less time consuming. 

            A few simple ways to encourage parent/ whanau participation

            • have the students post frequently 
            • remind parents through newsletters
            • seesaw fridge magnet
            • keeping the children excited about using Seesaw 
            • have a parent session to show the why and how about Seesaw
            • share with parents a list of possibly comments - for some it will take away a barrier of wondering what to write 

            just some thoughts ....


            • Nicki Tempero
              By Nicki Tempero
              Jan 31

              Some possible activities for the beginning of the year

              • students record their mihi
              • read a page of their reading book 
              • share a story they have written
              • take photos of the classroom to share with parents - especially for those unable to come into the classsroom
              • sharing goals for the year 
              • any initial assessents
              • general photos of the children at work and play
              • students take photos and videos to practise the skills ( dont need to be uploaded)
              • introducing themselves, add a photo
              • experiment with drawing, microphone labels 
              • ....

              what activities are  you doing to begin the year ?

              • Allanah King
                By Allanah King
                Jan 31

                To supplement Nicki's ideas I made a copy of this sheet I found on Twitter and made it into a more kiwi version. It is open to edit so people could add more ideas to it too.


                Seesaw Many Ways

                • Alwyn
                  By Alwyn
                  Feb 6

                  I love using seesaw. I have used word family poems. The students all read different poems and we then create a qr code to go with the poem. This then becomes part of a listening and reading centre in the classroom. Students love hearing themselves and other classmates read poems. 

                  • Allanah King
                    By Allanah King
                    Feb 7

                    This a great idea Alwyn

                    I was wondering how the children then access the QR code of the reading of the poem.

                    Is it a wall display or do you have the poems on cards.

                    I would love  photo of how you share the QR codes.

                    • Nicki Tempero
                      By Nicki Tempero
                      Feb 7

                      Hi Alwyn

                      Love the idea!  So important to share with the other students and Im sure the parents love it as well. Do you have other classes in your school using Seesaw?


                      • Alwyn
                        By Alwyn
                        Feb 8

                        Hi Alannah 

                        I created these by using the QR code function in Seesaw and the students just scan them using the camera function and it takes them to the poem in Seesaw. You can scan code and listen. I have a whole set made up. The students made them in a lesson when we were learning about Seesaw.


                        • Alwyn
                          By Alwyn
                          Feb 8

                          A teacher in America asked for teacher across the world to create these non fiction task cards. I think about 50 different teachers participated and we have this fantastic resource for our classroom. Can share task cards if you are interested. This was a fun activity to participate in as a teacher.



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