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    Tessa Gray
    One tip a week
    21 July
    Public discussion Created by Tessa Gray

    Kia ora te whānau, as we're all new to this space, I thought I'd add one top tip a week - to help you get the most out of edSpace as an online professional community.

    Tip #1:


    Grey faceComplete your profile. If your profile is complete - with first and last name, details and an image this will enable others to connect with you more easily.  Once you've done this, sit back and watch the friend requests roll in!


    #Tip 14


    If you own a group, how frequently do you engage with your participants and do they have the information on how to be a good participant?

    For example:

    • Do they know what a good participation looks like? ie: Open to sharing information about themselves, asking questions, offering support for others, sharing resources, delving deeper into discussions.
    • Do they know they don't need to be an expert to participate?
    • Do they know what 'tone' to use when they participate?
    • Do they know how long a post should be, to self-disclose information about themselves and reveal their emotional state when they ask a question?
    • Do they know how to share rich resources and embed content?
    • Do they know good questions are better than good answers?
    • Do they know the 20% of topics which account for 80% of discussions?
    • Do they know who’s in charge and who to contact for help?
    • Do they know who else to connect with, that will help them with their learning or mahi?
    • Do they know what fun in learning looks like?

    If the answer is no or you want to know more,  then feel free to make contact me and we can co-construct a strategy that works best for you as a community group manager. smiley

    - By Tessa Gray
      • Tessa Gray
        By Tessa Gray
        Jul 27

        Tip #2.

        Groups icon Looking for what interests you most in edSpace? Go to Menu scroll down to Ngā Rōpū (groups) and view all groups. You can join 'open' groups and request to join 'closed' groups that interest you most. 

        Once you are a group member, you can view and respond to discussions, blogs, events and news items. You can also ask a question or offer a view by starting a new discussion. You'll be able to see like-minded group members that you can 'friend' as well.

        • Tessa Gray
          By Tessa Gray
          Aug 7

          Adding a friend# Tip 3

          Interested in what everyone else is interested in?  

          Then why not find some like-minded colleagues and friends, hover the mouse over their name, click on the little down-facing triangle and add them as a friend.

          Having friends means you can see what ngā rōpū (groups) they belong to, who they are friends with and what comments they are posting in the community. This is one great way to stay connected.

          • Tessa Gray
            By Tessa Gray
            Aug 18

            NotificationsSettings#Tip 4

            To keep on top of all the activity in your groups, check out the notifications at the top of your edSpace pages. 

            To be kept up-to-date with group and friends activity, go to your profile picture in the top right-hand corner, scroll down to Settings and click on the notifications to select email notifications for group and friends activity.

            Group notifications

            • Tessa Gray
              By Tessa Gray
              Aug 25

              Add friend# Tip 5

              The easiest way to build a network and let others know what's going on, is to 'friend them'.

              Either search for a friend by name or go to Menu bar, scroll down to Huānaga (members), choose who you'd like to friend, hover over their face and Add friend.

              Now you can invite your friends into groups and they'll be notified each time you post content (if they have clicked to receive email notifications from groups and friends in their Settings).

              • Tessa Gray
                By Tessa Gray
                Sep 1

                # Tip 6

                You are most welcome to respond to threads and discussions, in fact your contributions will help to grow this professional learning network. 

                Online community

                To ensure you're getting the most out of this community and feel safe to share, we encourage you to read the following support documents.

                All other queries, please feel free to contact me.

                • Tessa Gray
                  By Tessa Gray
                  Sep 8

                  # Tip 7

                  You might be wondering why would you be engaging socially/publically with other educators in edSpace, when you could have the same kōrero at school. 

                  Communities of learning like edSpace and the VLN offer opportunities beyond your own school for like-minded educators to share experiences, expertise, ideas and resources. It's like having an even bigger staffroom with new friends and colleagues to share with.

                  Find out more, How can learning online impact teacher practice?

                  Image source

                  • Tessa Gray
                    By Tessa Gray
                    Sep 15

                    #Tip 8

                    Easiest way to embed videos, docs, website, infographics etc into your discussion comments, blogs, pages or events, is to click on edit HTML and embed 'iframe' code. For example: Here is some code for you to use. Substitute the XXXX with the URL from YOUR own video, doc url etc and change the width and height to suit.

                    <iframe src="XXXX" width="460" height="265"></iframe>

                    Click Visual editor and an iframe box should appear. Now click save or reply. You can also click on the pencil to edit.

                    For more help, see Embedding media files.

                    • Phebs
                      By Phebs
                      Sep 15

                      Thanks Tessa I will have a tuu over the weekend. put my fisrst pic into a discussion korero so feeling "onto it" hehe



                      • Tessa Gray
                        By Tessa Gray
                        Sep 22

                        at symbol# Tip 9

                        By now you will have noticed edSpace is a social platform for educators to talk to each other. As well as sharing resources, we can share opinions, ideas and experiences.

                        A great way to connect with others, is to acknowledge what others have said and build on those comments when you contribute your own thoughts and observations. 

                        To do this personally you can add @username to the comments as well. For example, Tessa Gray

                        • Tessa Gray
                          By Tessa Gray
                          Sep 29

                          Tip #10


                          If you want to create a group, contact our online facilitator, Tessa Gray to activate your account.

                          If you have created a group you can invite participants to join in several ways.

                          1. You can find people and make them your friends (if they are edSpace members). From your group home page, go to the bottom right hand side, select your friends and invite them to your group
                          2. You can also invite people who are not in edSpace already by scrolling down to the bottom right hand side and click on Invite someone who isn't your friend on this network yet. Add email addresses in the top field (one per line) and add a personal note to join your group in the bottom field. This generates an email to them and invites them to join.
                          3. Or you can email folk to join your group directly using the group url (once it's made). If it is a closed group, they will need to request membership. Notifications come into your inbox and then you will need to click on the link to accept them.
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