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    Tessa Gray
    Are we just running the gauntlet?
    16 January
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    All around the country teachers are getting ready for a new year. Vision and goals are representative of the school; equally individual teachers bring their own ideals and values to the table. As we know, a singularly most influential aspect of teaching can be teachers’ attitudes and views – all shaped by culture, heritage, and experiences; in some cases biases. World-wide research confirms teacher-expectations can directly impact on student outcomes.

    When teachers hold definite expectations and when those expectations are reflected in their behaviour toward children, these expectations are related to student cognitive changes, even when pupil and achievement are controlled. Moreover, socially vulnerable children (ie younger, lower-class and minority children) seem to be more susceptible to lower teacher expectations (1997, pp. 98-99). Jill Bevan-Brown Running the Gauntlet: A Gifted Māori Learner's Journey Through Secondary School


    In this short read, Jill Bevan-Brown shines a pertinent light on those things we might not be aware of, or feel we can’t change - yet need to challenge, to ensure (gifted) Māori students are thriving in mainstream environments. The examples shared are troublesome and confronting.

    Many Kāhui Ako are dedicated to implementing culturally responsive pedagogies and inclusive practices in 2018. In this article, Jill lists four powerful actions, where teachers can critically examine their lessons, resources, teaching activities and techniques for cultural appropriate practice and content as well as the school's organisational practices, procedures, and structures to ensure that they are not disadvantaging Māori students in any way.

    It’s a short read. What do you think? What is done well in your school to cater for diverse needs?

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