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    Three steps towards student wellbeing
    13 March
    Public discussion Created by CORE Education

    well beingThanks to all those who came to today's Breakfast seminar and workshop in Christchurch - we hope you gained lots of thought provoking ideas about student wellbeing to take back to your learning environments from our wonderful presenter Philippa!

    This session was designed to:

    • use a framework (adapted from Lifehack for an education context) to consider where we are at in terms of nurturing student wellbeing, and to identify and explore our possible next steps.
    It also set out to:
    • offer rich opportunities for discussion and reflection
    • support participants to identify and explore next steps for nurturing student wellbeing.

    If you'd like to continue these conversations, please feel free to ask any questions or make a comment around the framework here below >>>

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