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    Using respectful and inclusive language
    20 March
    Public discussion Created by Linda

    I was interested to hear about Australian airline 'Qantas' recent update of their guidance to staff on what language is appropriate and what isn't.

    Some of the new words or terminology:

    Husband and Wife (use “partner” or “spouse” instead)

    Mum and Dad (use “parent” instead)

    Guys, Love, Honey (avoid casual gendered language )

    As is always the case there has been a range of feedback, positive and negative.  These are valuable discussions to be had, to have conversations about the impact language can have in an inclusive workplace.   Words hold so much power and are an important part of our identity and makeup.


    Personally, I have been recently reflecting on my own time in the classroom and the binary language that I had in place e.g. boys line and girls line.   I continue challenging myself about the language I use and how respectful and inclusive it is?


    Helpful support can be found in the Supporting LGBTIQA+ students guide on TKI. Below are some prompts from 'Use inclusive language to affirm diversity' suggestion.


    Inclusive language to affirm diversity



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