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Hei Pānui edSpace | mō te marama Mahuru 2017

TessTēnā koutou, talofa lava, malo o lelei and welcome to the very first pānui for edSpace mō te marama Mahuru and the first day of Spring! This is our monthly round-up celebrating your kōrero (voice), your whakaaro (ideas), your ako (learning).

edSpace is very new and still in it's infancy, so you can be proud knowing when you contribute, you're helping to grow a new online community focused on; fostering opportunities for many voices to engage, share, debate, challenge and explore educational concepts ideas and practice together. Ultimately this kind of professional engagement and social interaction, can lead to transformational change

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What's new?

Feel free to join the following open groups and either respond or start your own discussions. We'd love to hear from you.


What's coming up?

Check out the latest events and what's coming your way soon.

Extending Classroom Practices with Google Suite | Christchurch, 5th September

Extending Classroom Practices with Google Suite | Wellington, 7th September uLearn flyer image  

Extending Chromebook and the Google Environment in your Classroom | Wellington, 7th September

Extending Chromebook and the Google Environment in your Classroom | Christchurch 11th September

uLearn 2017, 10-13 October

Join the uLearn17 discussion group to connect with other uLearn participants and presenters. First call to action add you comments here, Welcome all! Please introduce yourself and tell us what you'd like to get out of uLearn17.

Where can I find help?

Several resources have been added in the edSpace help group to help you set up, navigate, curate and contribute to edSpace discussion threads:

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edSpace group pages: Has instructional videos and tips on why/how to use edSpace, including how to manage your edSpace notifications.

One tip a week: Has useful tips for setting up edSpace as your social network portal including how to join groups, find friends and contribute.

Where can I be of help?

CORE Ten Trends

These threads have been started and await your ideas, views and critical responses:

Ten Trends 2017 - Release and ongoing discussion: CORE Ten Trends have been released for 2017. You can explore these one at a time, or as a whole.  How might you begin to explore these as a staff?  With your students?  With your whānau?

Enabling Good Lives: Individuals require different levels of support to enable them to access equity. How is this seen in the professional sector, what can be done to support equity to occur? Here an incredibly moving personal story is shared.

3D Gaming and virtual reality in education webinar, 20 Sept 2017: Virtual Reality technologies are becoming cheaper and more accessible for learners in schools. How can we embed powerful learning in the mind of our students using 3D gaming and virtual reality?

What's all the fuss about Communities of Online Learning? Blended and digital learning opportunities open up a world of possibilities for students. How do you see Communities of Online Learning supporting students who might not otherwise respond to traditional teaching methods?

The digital divide: what is our moral imperative? These research findings show how much home life influences children's access and use of computers, thus their capacity to participate in a digital world. If there is a digital divide in our communities, if so, how is this being acknowledged or addressed?

Misconceptions about MLEs: Here we highlight some concerns about Modern Learning Environments. Is there research to either confirm or deny the impact of modern or innovative learning pedagogies? What are the bigger issues here and what supports your argument?

Connected Educator

Stay connected by joining the Connected Educator group and get involved by pledging your own networked professional learning event.

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