• Tessa Gray

      What makes an online community?

      What are you? A Blues or Hurricanes fan? A Mac or PC user? Prefer a Holden or a Ford? Having a discussion (or even argument) around important things that really matter to us is nothing new.  I'm currently (enjoying) working my way through an online course, learning mor...

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      • CORE Education

        Ask a question

        This is a fast and responsive community-based discussion forum, we’re not always going to ‘get it right’ but we know we can learn from each other.  We are a community of experts, some in classrooms, some who support a community of practitioners. All of your wonderings a...

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        • CORE Education

          Creating groups in edSpace

          You came, you registered and now you're using edSpace - great job! Next step: People are requesting to create groups. Groups are the foundation of edSpace. This is where you invite like-minded educators to host and share blogs, discussions, events and more. Create a group for your ...

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          • CORE Education

            edSpace our networking frontier

            Connect, share and discuss with edSpace edSpace is an online community for educators to gather and share their ideas, practices, resources and more. Online Facilitator, Tessa Gray, explores what edSpace has to offer in her latest blog post. Have a read and then check out the feat...

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            • Tessa Gray

              ILEs and MLEs | The hot debate continues

              Being a small country and a democracy means we can all have our say and at the moment, the hot debate is ILEs (Innovative Learning Environments), MLEs (Modern Learning Environments) or FLEs (Flexible Learning Environments). While one media article reports that, Parents are ditching school...

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              • edSpace

                Time to celebrate edSpace turns one years old!

                Rā whānau hari Ki a koe edSpace! Time to celebrate as edSpace turns one tomorrow. Can you see yourself in here? 

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              Latest news
              • Hei Pānui edSpace | mō te marama Pipiri 2018
                Hei Pānui edSpace | mō te marama Pipiri 2018
                Tēnā koutou, talofa lava, malo o lelei and welcome to our edSpace pānui mō te marama Pipiri, our monthly round-up for June 2018. If you're new to edSpace, please feel free to become a member and join in the discussions. Exciting times, we celebrated edSpace turning one this...
              • Te Whakamānawa - Culturally Responsive Practice in School Communities
                Te Whakamānawa - Culturally Responsive Practice in School Communities
                There are only 4 spaces available for the July intake of our online course Te Whakamānawa - Culturally Responsive Practice in School Communities.  This 20-week, online programme explores how our school communities might better reflect our bicultural heritage and give mana to Te Tiriti o...
              • Tēnei te Tira Hou | Culture of Change
                Tēnei te Tira Hou | Culture of Change
                Tēnei te Tira Hou | Culture of Change A day of interactive, deep experiential learning, designed to help you activate for sustainable, ecological change and build learning futures that everyone deserves. Taking place the day before uLearn18, Tēnei te Tira Hou | Culture of Change...