• Sarah Whiting

      Sarah Whiting

      I have a passion for agency and providing opportunities for all stakeholders to have choice and voice in education. In line with this, I advocate for school being the nest within communities from which all can be nurtured and flourish. I am currently writing a book about learner agency - part of ...

      Tags (please separate each one with a comma): Agency, Innovation, Social Capital, Collaboration, Design Thinking, Mentoring, Coaching

      • Stephen


        I work for CORE Education on the LX (Learning Experience) team. LX is at the crossroads of learning design (LD), user experience (UX), and customer experience (CX). My role is to analyse, design, develop, implement, and evaluate our online programmes and for external clients. My methodologies are...

        Skills: Learning Design, Design Thinking, Start-up, Moodle, Photoshop, h5p, Tin-Can...

        • Elizabeth Craker

          How might design thinking help lifelong learning?

          This is where we invite you to engage in discussions around transformational learning and the implications for you based on the breakfast seminar you’ve attended.   There will be a series of discussions on relation to differing themes are related to transformational learning. We&...

          Tags: design thinking, methodology, inquiry approaches

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        • Digital technologies and the NZC - what’s it all about?
          Digital technologies and the NZC - what’s it all about?
          This seminar introduced the topics covered in the Digital Technology strand and discussed what they might look like within a classroom programme. Digital Technology will be fully integrated as a strand of the Technology learning area in the New Zealand Curriculum and as a whenu within the...
        • Ask a question
          Ask a question
          This is a fast and responsive community-based discussion forum, we’re not always going to ‘get it right’ but we know we can learn from each other.  We are a community of experts, some in classrooms, some who support a community of practitioners. All of your wonderings and...
        • Ki te Ao | March
          Ki te Ao | March
          The latest CORE newsletter is out now - take a moment to read about ACCELERATOR, uLearn18 call for abstracts, NPDL NZ Deep Learning Lab and lots of other opportunities coming your way: