• Rebbecca Sweeney

      Rebbecca Sweeney

      Rebbecca’s work with clusters encourages the exploration of conceptual understandings of collaborative work in clusters, in part by helping them to work with an adaptable framework. Rebbecca’s extensive experience of mentoring and facilitation is underpinned by her ability to: Mediate...

      Tags (please separate each one with a comma): equity, inquiry, learning talk, collaboration, leadership, change, transformation

      • Pip Brunn

        Enabling Good Lives

        Kia Ora Koutou. As part of my life outside in the big wide world, i am on the mid-central leadership group for "Enabling good lives" You can find it here  There has been 2 Pilot progames for EGL one in Christchurch and one in Wa...

        Tags: inclusion, equity, success, Enabling Good Lives

        • edSpace

          The advantages of equity for disadvantaged students

          Here's some more gold from OECD community. Issues like equity and disparity in education are a global phenomena. Education can be an engine of social inclusion. It can also help reduce broader social inequality. This can be the case if and only if all students, regardless of disadva...

          Tags: oecd, findings, equity, disparity, education

          • Sandy Hastings

            Sandy Hastings

            We've just gone through a major rebuild, and all of our teachers and children are now in collaborative, flexible learning spaces. We have undergone significant change in the way we teach over the past 5 years, which has involved lots of learning about how adults operate together, and how we c...

            Tags (please separate each one with a comma): Collaboration, Inclusive practice, Restorative practice, Equity

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            Digital technologies and the NZC - what’s it all about?
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          • Ask a question
            Ask a question
            This is a fast and responsive community-based discussion forum, we’re not always going to ‘get it right’ but we know we can learn from each other.  We are a community of experts, some in classrooms, some who support a community of practitioners. All of your wonderings and...
          • Ki te Ao | March
            Ki te Ao | March
            The latest CORE newsletter is out now - take a moment to read about ACCELERATOR, uLearn18 call for abstracts, NPDL NZ Deep Learning Lab and lots of other opportunities coming your way: