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This post has been inspired by Leanne Stubbing, who I met at EducampWelly in 2013 (or was it 2014?) and the day of connection, and reconnection at EducampWelly 2019 yesterday.




"Hi Fiona!"

Overheard in conversation yesterday "Simon Sinek would be proud of us!" Yes. I think he would. A group of teachers were discussing our why. We mused that it is more than something you prepare to share at a job interview, it is embedded and bound to us at our core. My why was the motivating factor for joining this group of teachers in Wellington yesterday, on a Saturday. My why is connection and relationships which is embodied by the concept of whānaungatanga. Whanāungatanga has a far broader kaupapa, which is articulated by Tahu Paki in his post here. The relationships that I have formed from my association with EducampNZ have guided and grown me, and hand on my heart I can honestly say have led me professionally to where I am today. 


I haven't blogged in the last couple of years, I've been immersed in the day to day grind and relentlessness of classroom teaching, oh and some fabulous opportunities facilitating Post-Grad study for The Mind Lab. There are always moments of joy, everyday, as a classroom teacher. But, it can certainly take its toll when the balance slides. I am now out of the classroom, teaching Digital Technologies to teachers across our region and beyond. I am incredibly grateful to have been given this opportunity. I get asked (almost on a daily basis) "Oh! How do I get your job?" I respond with a smile and a light hearted remark, but in my head I'm thinking... whānaungatanga, by having relationships and being connected. People think that I must have a passion for technology. They miss the point. I don't at all. I just learned how to do a lot of this stuff because I wanted my kids to be able to connect.


We can use the term PLN and it can sound naff, another buzz word in a sector plagued with acronyms. But mine has been life changing. Truly. And it started with blogging and Educamps. In 2011 I wanted to connect my class to a world outside of their own. This is the first post that I can find on that blog! I soon realised that the best way to connect with other educators who were blogging was to begin to use Twitter to connect with them. Within New Zealand, I connected with many educators, I am loathe to mention some without the others, but if I do I am sure the others will forgive me! Our relationships are strong, and underpinned by the future skills and dispositions that we were (and are) envisioning for our learners. Outside of New Zealand, I was able to connect with educators such as Kathleen MorrisKathy Cassidy and Linda Yollis who open their classrooms to the world to enable their learners to connect and share in a global classroom. 


I mention twitter often to educators in my new role. There are a few eye rolls. All I can do is tell my story. And this is it. Twitter has helped me to meet many, many inspiring educators. We have met face to face through Educamps and conferences. The personal friendships that grew from those connections meant that I was guided and encouraged to explore opportunities such as applying to be a Google Innovator (formerly Certified Educator). Being a part of the 'Innovator' crew provided invaluable mentorship for me (thanks Chris Betcher). Connection has meant that I have been able to collaborate with other educators to provide vehicles such as KidsedchatNZ, and to be a part of experiences such as the GEG  Student Summit.


I looked through my posts this morning and found this from EducampWelly2015. I continue to love and support the kaupapa of this initiative. Thanks for hosting us team #WellyED team. What a stunning shared energy there was yesterday. Kei runga noa atu koutou - You are the Bomb! 


Guess we will have to start scrolling through the calendar to check out some dates for #EducampHB 2019. And, Leanne - thanks for inspiring me to blog again. 


Unuhia te rito o te harakeke kei whea te kōmako e kō

Whakatairangitia rere ki uta rere ki tai

Ui mai koe ki ahau he aha te mea nui o te ao

Māku e kī atu he tangata, he tangata, he tangata!

Remove the heart of the flax bush and where will the kōmako sing?

Proclaim it to the land proclaim it to the sea

Ask me ‘What is the greatest thing in the world?’

I will reply, ‘It is people, people, people!’









Juliet Revell

Juliet Revell

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