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    Lisa Hargreaves
    Your 'go to' Apps in the Primary Classroom
    24 August
    Public discussion Created by Lisa Hargreaves

    Hi Everyone

    I've just joined the edSpace this week. I'm currently living in Africa and teaching in an International school whilst completing my Masters Degree. I am seeking some ideas from you all regarding the apps you use in the classroom - my Reflective Journal I am writing is about the Effective Use of Digital Technologies in the Primary Classroom and I 'd like to include some suggestions for teachers in their 'app' choice with some reasons why. I will include a table in this post and if you wouldn't mind entering your favourite apps and why. If 'student voice' could be included too I'd much appreciate it. If you agree with an app choice please add onto table and state your reason if different - it might mean inserting another row - I hope this works lets see how it goes.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    App Name I Agree too Reasons for choice
    Seesaw   Home/School communication is instant and preferred means for communication for parents.


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