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    Anne-Louise Robertson
    NZ Bearhunt
    26 March
    Public discussion Created by Anne-Louise Robertson

    This has been in the news and so I am sure many of you have already seen it. I think it is a great activity for parents to do with their kids; it gets them out and about and also learning how to use a map. You may want to add your bear to the map!

    Bearhunt Map Link

    It's also a good introduction for maps for teachers. I was also thinking how the bears could be great story prompts for kids. They could create a photo story of the bears they see, create a video, invent  characters, write a 'bear diary',  what journey has the bear been on, which countries has it visited?

    Any other thoughts of areas of the curriculum or activities that this could lead to?


    Update to the Update!


    Looks like it's become more  official - check out this website

    - By Anne-Louise Robertson
      • Anne-Louise Robertson
        By Anne-Louise Robertson
        Mar 31

        Update to the Update!


        Looks like it's become more  official - check out this website

        • Anne-Louise Robertson
          By Anne-Louise Robertson
          Mar 31

          UPDATE - looks like the link to the map is returning a 404 message! It did look the other day like it had been overrun with 'false' locations so maybe it has been taken down by the owner. 


          I'll  see if  I can find it again

          • Tessa Gray
            By Tessa Gray
            Mar 27


            Teddy in a windowOhh that is so lovely, I saw that inspiration here: Coronavirus: Teddy bears brighten first day of lockdown. What a cool idea! 

            Where's the link take us to Anne? smiley

            Image source: CCO Pixabay

            • Madeline
              By Madeline
              Mar 26

              Could also write/describe/vlog 'character profiles' for particular bears that catch their eye? In my small community we have a facebook page for the bear hunt - maybe some of those imaginative stories could be shared on those types of community pages?

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