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    Ara Simmons
    Tips on how to support wellbeing from a distance.
    14 April
    Public discussion Created by Ara Simmons

    Delighted to be able to speak with Megan Martin who is an across school teacher responsible for wellbeing at Marion College.

    Megan shares her tips with us on how to support learners from a distance and also some of the challenges as a teacher when there are no devices at home. Here is the link to the community resource that Megan has created.

    What are some of the ways that you or your learning space looks after both your learners and your teachers from a distance?


    @Tessagray. Talking to yourself in a compassionate way is actually really good for you. 

    - By Ara Simmons
      • Ara Simmons
        By Ara Simmons
        May 6

        Tessa Gray. Talking to yourself in a compassionate way is actually really good for you. 

        • Tessa Gray
          By Tessa Gray
          May 6

          Yayy, so talking to myself is finally ok? wink

          • Ara Simmons
            By Ara Simmons
            May 6

            Totally agree Tessa Gray. Firstly I have stopped saying to myself that I am working from home. Instead, it has become I am doing my best from home as technically we are not working from home - we are managing. Also for myself I have reframed some of the language that I use with myself into a less harsh tone - for example, if I get overwhelmed - have a mantra which goes - I am okay and I say that three times.

            Thanks, Tessa for sharing your thoughts.

            • Tessa Gray
              By Tessa Gray
              May 5

              Kia ora Ara Simmons, thank you so much for taking the time to capture Megan's tips and ideas to share with the rest of us. I found this INCREDIBLY useful, especially listening to Megan's three tips about:

              • Having a simple framework ie: CLANG = Connect, Learn, Active, take Notice, Give so everyone is on the same page with shared understandings.
              • Making wellbeing strategies and focus super simple by lowering expectations, having have a couple of strategies or addressing one little thing at a time and practicing this is also important advice.
              • Understanding that while we like face-to-face contact, that doesn't look the same online - as we continue to teach and learn from a distance.

              That last point is something I'm personally having to manage in terms of my own wellbeing. Considering we have all found the need to work from home (WFH), it can be increasingly tiresome and stressful to attend multiple online video meetings, where we're required to multi-task while trying to listen and read facial expressions (watch ourselves on the screen) and for some navigate intermittent Internet connection. frown

              It's draining and potentially stressful, as shared on Breakfast last week, I think we need to get away from this notion that we all have to be online all the time looking at each other a point echoed, observations also echoed in, The reason Zoom calls drain your energy.

              Screenshot of FB feed

              Anyone else finding a new set of challenges from interacting virtually online?

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