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    Ara Simmons
    Connection with Jason Johnson - Across school lead for the Māwhera cluster
    20 April
    Public discussion Created by Ara Simmons

    So how do we ensure that connection is maintained with our learners from a distance?

    Jason offers us some take aways around having

    1. Shared wellbeing language

    2. Schools working from a wellbeing framework

    3. clear systems of communication around connecting with learners and the use of a 'check and connect wellbeing checkin'. We have attached an example here

    Distance learning wellbeing checkin

    BTW - If I look a little concerned during the end of this video, it's that my son has opened the door and stepped in to ask me to come out for lunch and then he has left leaving the door open so I can hear the rest of my whānau in the kitchen. Permission to be human :)

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