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    Anne-Louise Robertson
    Moving from PLD in a box to sustainable, effective PLD...
    27 March
    Public discussion Created by Anne-Louise Robertson

    I was at Womad last weekend and the range of different people, all ages, all walks of life, was phenomenal.  They were all there because of a common passion - music. Conferences also bring together lots of different people.  Their passion? Learning. Because they want to interact with like-minded people, they want to learn. But, nearly all conference goers are the converted.

    Passion & Purpose

    PLD in a school is different - people don’t usually choose to be there. For many, it’s a ‘must do’ as part of their professional standards, it is another thing on top of a very busy workload. And just like National Standards and NCEA credits, doing something because you have to leads to ‘ticking the box’, compliance, low-level thinking and no improvement to pedagogy and learner outcomes.


    So, how do we make the PLD pill palatable? Even more how can we make the PLD pill into an exciting and mouthwatering feast? OK, maybe I’m getting carried away….

    How can we support schools to align the differing PLD initiatives - PB4L, Digital Technologies, Change Leadership, Culturally Sustainable Pedagogy, Health and Wellbeing, and so on...  so that teachers can see the connections, workload is not massively impacted and that they build sustainability and it leads to improved pedagogy and happy, successful teachers and learners.

    Many schools want their ‘PLD in a Box’. ‘What sort of package can you deliver?’ they ask.  ‘We have an hour every Monday morning. That’s our slot. What do you have that fits in there?’ they say. And what do they do with the PD in a box?  Unwrap it, enjoy it for an hour or so, then put it on the shelf and forget about it. Box ticked!

    Why do schools have a “PLD in a box” approach?

    Is it because they don’t have a big picture vision?

    Is it because they don’t have a plan?

    Is it because of a lack of SLT engagement? - e.g. one DP given the PLD portfolio and the rest just checking out?

    Is it because SLT have different portfolios and they don’t work as a team to align them? - each initiative is separate and piled on top rather than overlapping and enhancing?

    Is it because of failing relationships, high staff turnover, unstable rolls?

    Is it because they don’t get the WHY?


    I think it is some of all of those things and maybe many more as well. But let’s take the last one.  I think lots of schools do get the WHY, what they lack is the ability to fit the WHAT into the HOW given all the other constraints and competing imperatives they have. It’s very difficult to see the wood from the trees when you are lost in the forest.

    How can we help to get them from opening the 'PLD Box' to building the “The PLD Puzzle”?

    They have the picture on the box lid - so now, how do they go about fitting all the puzzle pieces of PLD to make it?


    putting the puzzle together




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