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    Creating and nurturing social networks for leveraging improvements in Kāhui Ako
    9 April
    Public discussion Created by CORE Education

    In this video hosted by Enabling e-Learning, Fulbright Global Scholar, Alan Daly talks about how to create and grow social networks within a community to create high quality impact in educational systems.

    Alan starts by sharing a portion of a Dr Martin Luther King quote, We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality. This was the segway into his presentation on how we (as educators) can create a climate and culture that will nurture bonds between ourselves in our communities.

    His ideas for creating conditions for innovation and ideation, by creating new ways of engaging through social networks; are relevant to us all as we work in and between schools, CoLs and Kāhui Ako. For example, forming strong relationships to generate intellectual capital within and between our communities.

    For more summary notes on Alan’s presentation and additional resources visit Enabling e-Learning, Creating and nurturing social networks for leveraging improvements in Kāhui Ako.

    How is your learning community using social networks to help bring about high quality impact on educational systems? Perhaps an edSpace group could help meet these needs?

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