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    8 May
    Public discussion Created by Mister_Roberts

    Google+ community -

    FaceBook Group "Digital Technologies Hub NZ -

    FlipBoard magazine -

    DTTA (Digital Technology Teachers Aotearoa) website:     #Free membership for primary school teachers - membership gives you access to very active forums on Mobilize

    Primary?  try this website:

    - By Mister_Roberts
      • Mister_Roberts
        By Mister_Roberts
        May 11

        Primary?  try this website:

        • Mister_Roberts
          By Mister_Roberts
          May 9

          I do honestly believe those starting out should seek others.  Sharing within a local group is a wonderful way to develop confidence.  Unplugged activities are amazing, can you believe Tim created them best part of 20 years ago (maybe it was 25).  Chch teachers regularly meet up to train in various aspects of the curriculum at a local library (code club for teachers), we are wanting to do similar here in the Hutt Valley. It's a safe environment to ask questions, make mistakes and learn together

          Device cameras are excellent for filming activities and showing how they were done/made (that hits D&DDO strand). Couple it with the binary bracelet you can hit two strands by learning about CT and filming it for D&DDO.

          Older kids getting into algorithms and building programs - could use scratch junior, scratch 3.0 is due out this year (i think the new code will let it run on devices, 2.0 had flash so caused issues) other apps such as Lightbot. If you don't mind "rummaging" around go check out, absolutely fantastic resource for people starting to with ready made lessons in many aspects of computational thinking

          Apps like Scratch Jr and Scratch can also be used across other subjects. Eg story telling, quizzes, interactive stories, describing a topic, spelling etc. There's even evidence it helps the less communicative kids become more confident.

          The higher the year group perhaps start to get together with intermediate or y9/10 teachers form secondary schools. Discuss ideas, get senior students to help younger students.

          Successful environments are created when pupils are encouraged to make mistakes and experiment. You don't need to be an expert in this stuff to teach it - have a role as a facilitator of their learning and watch them go.  You soon see who are your bright pupils who can help others then adopt the "ask three before me".

          I follow two countries closely, England and Australia are both just ahead of NZ in implementing a Digital curriculum.  There are some fantastic resources flowing from both countries.  Just today the UK announced they will fund a specialist computer science teacher in every school!   Wow!

          UK   free to join and wow resources!

          Almost forgot to add this:  free to join, great primary resources

          Aussie  a good place to start

          I have to stop otherwise I'll write about all 1,700+ entries in my flipboard!

          Happy exploring!






          • Tessa Gray
            By Tessa Gray
            May 9

            This is awesome thank you Mister_Roberts. smiley Some of the best resources to get started with Digital Technologies are already in our networks as computer science teachers, secondary school specialists, DT leaders, early adopters, keen bean community champions, passionate teachers. Definitely worth joining and building these connects.  

            Any other good tips for those just starting out?

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