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    Becky Hare
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    8 June
    Public discussion Created by Becky Hare

    I was recently interviewed for an Education Gazette article on how to make the most of your conference experience. I won't bang on here as the reporter captured quite a few of my comments and put them into an easily digested 'before, during and after' format. You can read it here:

    We will run a webinar for uLearn newbies in August and let you know how to access it. If you have any questions bring them to the webinar, or post them here beforehand. 

    I'll offer some more conference specific tips closer to the event. Right now I'm into the programme build. It takes a wee while with hundreds of keen presenters lining up to share their learning. Warm fuzzies to all of the uLearn presenter community - the new and the frequent, who prepare and share their latest professional offerings.

    So I'll leave you with this - if you're joining us this year at uLearn, what are your top tips for getting the most out of the PLD experience? 

    Next time:  What social plans do you have?! We can help with that too!

    Really helpful to a newbie like me. Looking forward to October!

    - By jordan@waipu
      • jordan@waipu
        By jordan@waipu
        Jun 20

        Really helpful to a newbie like me. Looking forward to October!

        • Stephanie Kitto
          By Stephanie Kitto
          Jun 14

          Becky - I enjoyed reading your article in the gazette. I still remember the very first conference I attended many years ago and how overwhelmed I felt.  So many choices!

          I thought I would share a couple of things that have helped me to get the most out of the conferences I have attended.

          Choose a theme - I will often have a theme in mind when I am choosing which breakouts and presentations I will sign up for. For example, at the last ULearn conference I attended, I chose breakouts with a leadership focus. This helps to give cohesion to the learning and helps me make connections between presentations.

          Twitter - I’d recommend following the conference hashtag on Twitter. 

          During most conferences there is a steady flow of tweets that cover the main points of keynotes, as well as lots of other gems. It’s a great vehicle for collaborative note taking and saves time. I also find it really useful revisiting the twitter steam when I am writing up my blog reflections.

          Connections and conversations -  I love the many informal opportunities there are to connected with other educators and share ideas. Over the years I have connected with some really passionate educators who have become part of my PLN and continue to inspire me today.

          • Anne Kenneally
            By Anne Kenneally
            Jun 13

            HI Becky and readers,

            Thanks for sharing that reading.

            I thought I'd respond as to how I get the most out of a PLD experience such as uLearn. First and foremost I get a lot of relax and quiet time before heading to uLearn, as it is about the only time in a year I almost get peopled out. 

            Secondly, I access anything I can to help me in the build up. Read about and research the keynote presenters, and Spotlight presenters.

            I take time carefully choosing break outs to match my current inquiry. 

            I connect with my personal learning network before hand and join in conversations and discussions such as this one. I also take time to reach out to newbies and connect with them before and during the event. 

            Be open to the experience. Expect to be surprised, challenged, inspired, and motivated. Expect a lot of fun!

            Capture your new learning and reflect on this as you go. 

            Finally, make sure you have time to relax and unwind after uLearn, reflection and responding to your personal call for action in term four. 

            Looking forward to uLearn immensely already! 119 days and counting.... :-)

            Can't wait to read other responses.


            • Becky Hare
              By Becky Hare
              Jun 12

              Cool Greg, Glad you found it useful. We'll add some more tips here when we get down to the programme detail too. Viewing and booking in August :)

              • Greg Semmens
                By Greg Semmens
                Jun 11

                This is great advice thank you, and I enjoyed the article. Am looking forward to Auckland!

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