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    Anne-Louise Robertson
    Connecting Gadgets with the curriculum
    5 September
    Public discussion Created by Anne-Louise Robertson

    So, there are heaps of shiny, whirly, techie, apps, robots etc. and they are fun to play with BUT - how might they fit into your curriculum area and level? 

    Please share how you think you (or people you know) might use them, or have already used them to meet the aims of the curriculum and learning outcomes.

    Thanks, Clive. Looks interesting in first skim read...

    - By Anne-Louise Robertson
      • Anne-Louise Robertson
        By Anne-Louise Robertson
        Mar 25

        Thanks, Clive. Looks interesting in first skim read...

        • Clive Francis
          By Clive Francis
          Mar 20
          Blog post about integration of DT with Science - may be of interest to this thread:
          • Tessa Gray
            By Tessa Gray
            Sep 19

            Like Marnel, thanks for starting this Anne-Louise Robertson, very useful conversation. I think as teachers dive become more familar with the language and intention of the two new areas (CT & DDDO) of the Technology Learning area (to strengthen digital technologies in their schools), they will naturally want to match tools to learning experiences - the hardest part as you say, is authentic integration.

            I've posted something similar in the Enabling e-Learning community (VLN) today, Breaking down Digital Technology progressions for CT and DDDO looking at PO1 for both computational thinking and designing and developing digital outcomes, I mentioned your post here and would love yours (and anyone else's) ideas about natural ways to integrate this content into authentic learning contexts in the shared Google docs. smiley

            • Anne-Louise Robertson
              By Anne-Louise Robertson
              Sep 10

              Kia ora Marnel,

              We had a great session last week with some teachers in Auckland when we 'played' with some of the whirly, shiny things! 

              • Dash and Dot
              • Beebots
              • Little Bits
              • Squishy circuits
              • Osmo
              • Scratch
              • Hour of Code

              and heaps more.... 

              But we also considered how they could be used to enhance a project so that they are integrated into the learning. That is more of a challenge!  

              It's amazing what you can do to promote computational thinking 'unplugged' to prepare your students 'processing brain' before even touching a robot! 

              The exemplars in the DT & HM Technology Online website are great and help to see how to integrate digital technologies to support literacy, numeracy and other areas of the curriculum. Personally, I like a storytelling approach... how can children tell their stories and those of their families, their culture and their experiences and their learning? 

              I remember the girls at your school working out how to use the Car Bots as part of a measuring unit and how excited they were when they programmed the robot so that it went to the right place. How could that learning have been more powerful if it had been part of a story?  I sometimes wonder if the robots that 'look' like something  e.g. car means that the students' imaginations are constrained by that? 

              But what if they had a problem that needed to be solved e.g. to help people understand the dangers of driving too fast or the issues around the environment and pollution? How could the car be part of that? What story could be built around that? What legend or story from Te Ao Māori might be a starting point? Or a story from another culture?

              So many questions! But I think we have to start with the learning and then fit the DT into that rather than start with the toys.




              • MvdS
                By MvdS
                Sep 9

                Thank you for asking this, Anne! This is something I am interested in too. Our school is going to have an ILE space soon (Year 3 - 6), and I will have to consider what technology should be available in this space and how it will fit into the curriculum and levels. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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