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    Creative, digital and competent learners in the DT & HM Curriculum
    26 September
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    Spotlight session: Creative, digital and competent learners in the Dt & HM Curriculum


    HOT: Everyone is currently either thinking about, trialing, dabbling or implementing the new Digital technologies curriculum content areas (Computational thinking and Designing and developing digital outcomes) into their localised curriculum.

    Are you interested in invigorating your class programme using the new Digital Technologies Curriculum to deliver your existing content? Good timing, Chris Dillon (Subject Specialist for DT and HM Online for NCEA) will be looking at the progressions from senior Primary through junior Secondary, and will explore learning in a digital curriculum - where learners are heading, how teachers can help to get them there, and ways to make transitions as smooth as possible.

    What are you excited or concerned about, while making transitions to engage with the new content? Why not share your thoughts about the needs/opportunities a DT | HM. We'd love to hear more. To respond to this discussion, first join edSpace and the uLearn discussion group to leave your comments below.

    Chris Dillon

    Meet Chris Dillon

    Chris Dillon is currently involved in the DT & HM Online for NCEA project for the Ministry of Education, is an executive member of Digital Technologies Teachers Aotearoa (DTTA), and is on the PPTA ICT Advisory. A teacher for over 14 years, he also teaches Digital Technology & Electronics at Cambridge High School. Previous roles have included VLN Coordinator and teacher of Art, Media Studies, and DVC. For 20 years prior, he worked as a multimedia tutor, freelance design consultant, graphic artist and design-studio manager here and overseas.

    Arduino microcontroller

    Image source: Pixabay: CCO: Arduino DIY Micro-controller

    Welcome Chris- I think you were one of the first to take me on a geocaching adventure! Multi-talented.

    - By Allanah King
      • Allanah King
        By Allanah King
        Sep 29

        Welcome Chris- I think you were one of the first to take me on a geocaching adventure! Multi-talented.

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