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    28 September
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    Meet Maisy Bentley, Jay McLaren-Harris, and Liam McLeavey


    Three successful millennial entrepreneurs who will be discussing insights around key capabilities and effective partnerships. Maisy, Jay and Liam will share their perspectives on why partnerships between students, staff, employers, and the wider community are important for unleashing the best outcomes in learners. They will explore the language, communication and relationship building skills required for effective partnerships. The trio will also suggest ways that educators can build on their existing skills to engage with young people, through effective partnerships and in identifying students’ capabilities.

    On an aside, in his open letter to educators, Please prepare us better for the real world, 18 year old William Reynolds asks us to think about exposing students to more connections to contemporary industries and non-traditional pathways, in light of how much technological innovations are changing the way we communicate, work and connect globally. 

    If you were writing an open letter to educators, what do you think we need to be making more connections with/to?  To respond to this discussion, first join edSpace and the uLearn discussion group to leave your comments below.

    Maisy Bentley

    About Maisy

    Whilst studying towards her Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts degree at Victoria University, Maisy Bentley was awarded the Outstanding Youth Champion award from the Minister for Youth, and the Most Inspirational Young Person of the Year for her work in youth development, mental health and women's empowerment. Maisy has faced chronic illness, bullying and mental health issues, but uses these experiences to empower others through multiple writing platforms and professional public speaking. Working at Inspiring Stories and YWCA to improve the lives of young New Zealanders, Maisy has represented New Zealand at United Nations and started multiple successful not for profits including the Wellbeing Bubble, an anti bullying platform praised by the Ministry of Education and Community Police for its effective partnership between students and staff. 

    Jay McLaren Harris

    About Jay

    Jay McLaren-Harris is a disruptive, dedicated and passionate social entrepreneur who founded Tumeke Enterprise Limited at the start of 2018. Tumeke Enterprise Limited was started because Jay and his team realised that the way leadership was taught and received was changing and needed to be improved. At the age of 18, Jay now works with some of New Zealand's most well known people and networks with the top CEO's in New Zealand. One thing Jay is dedicated to, is the idea that we acknowledge and realise that young people are no longer leaders of tomorrow but have stepped up and are now leaders of today.

    Liam McLeavey

    About Liam

    Liam McLeavey is an award-winning changemaker with a huge passion for education, youth employment and young people’s futures. Unhappy with the amount of young people that were disengaged in Horowhenua, at 16 Liam founded Pathways Horowhenua – a successful initiative that enables education to employment pathways. A champion for youth engagement in decision making, Liam has been appointed to many boards and he currently sits on the Minister of Education’s Ministerial Youth Advisory Group.

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