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    Artificial Intelligence - New Zealand opportunities
    5 October
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    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most talked about technology of our time, promising to transform fundamental aspects of how we live, work and play. The capability of AI to perform tasks that were previously the sole preserve of humans will free people up to focus on higher value activities - but also creates a sense of unease about our very usefulness in the future. Ben will discuss the many opportunities and challenges arising from AI, and how this will impact education - from personal AI tutors through to tools to help teachers focus on higher value tasks to the new ethical concerns arising from AI.

    We are starting to see Artificial Intelligence (AI) more and more in industries - automating processes, like checking in at an airport. Will AI take over the role of the teacher? What do you think?

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    Ben Reid

    Meet Ben Reid

    Ben Reid is the Executive Director of the AI Forum of New Zealand, an independent membership-based organisation which aims to raise levels of awareness and capabilities of AI in New Zealand. The Forum brings together citizens, industry, academia and the government to help connect, promote and advance the AI ecosystem to help dramatically improve New Zealand's future prosperity and social outcomes. Ben has a long and diverse career background as a software technologist and strategic consultant in the technology industry in the UK and New Zealand and internationally.

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