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Collaboration - the culture super sizer
Collaboration - the culture super sizer
Created by Tessa Gray
Friday, 3 November 2017
7:15 am to 12:00 pm



03 Nov 2017


Breakfast and seminar: 7.15am - 8.30am

Workshop: 9.00am - 12.00pm


Breakfast seminar: $50 + GST per person 

Breakfast seminar and workshop: $150 + GST per person


Transformational change and continuous improvement have been enabled at Stonefields School through intentional leadership work on teacher collaboration and creating the conditions and culture that people want to be a part of. Hear about some of the tools and frameworks that have been developed to ‘onboard’ new staff and to grow highly synergetic teams that have collective impact.

“Collaboration is not about gluing together existing egos. It’s about the ideas that never existed until after everyone entered the room” (Source unknown)

This CORE breakfast session will include:

  • What’s the Why? Why Collaborate?
  • What are the elements of a high functioning team?
  • Growing Conversational Capability to address the ‘undiscussables’
  • Growing consciousness about what has the potential to plus and minus trust
  • Achieving the organisational culture people aspire to belong to

About the workshop

The workshop will “dig deeper” into the areas covered in the breakfast seminar. It will encourage people to think about and explore challenges and opportunities of collaboration and culture in their context. A mix of presentation and workshop methods will be used to support thinking and action.

The workshop will:

  • Give examples of strategies to help ‘take the temperature’ of your school’s organisational culture
  • Share practical strategies for building positive trust with colleagues
  • Provide opportunity to surface the ‘elephants in the room’ and discuss strategies for addressing them
  • Explore a continuum of team collaboration to help
  • Identify structures and techniques for supporting teams with collaborative the collaborative process

Who will this session be of interest to?

This session will be of interest to teachers at all levels working in teams who are keen to realise what supports deep and meaningful collaboration.


Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin is the Foundation Principal of Stonefields School. She is a passionate, forward thinking educator with a real commitment to improving outcomes for all learners, not just those within her school community. She is enthusiastic about:

  • Ensuring all students develop the necessary competencies to strengthen their capacity to learn
  • Staying focused on students being engaged and successful with learning that matters
  • Questioning the effective teaching practice that causes learning

She has held leadership roles in a number of schools. As both a teacher and leader, she has a particular strength in collectively building change momentum, enabling collaborative high functioning teams, future visioning, embracing student voice and reimagining what learning matters. @sarahmartin74

Chris Bradbeer

Chris Bradbeer has been Associate Principal at Stonefields School in Auckland since its opening in 2011. He has been involved in developing a vision for teaching and learning, building teacher capacity and having the opportunity to consider ‘what might be possible’ in a new school setting. He has a strong interest and experience in the development of Innovative Learning Environments (ILEs) in New Zealand schools; how design affordances can support approaches to contemporary pedagogy, and the opportunities engendered by the provision of new educational spaces. He is currently completing a PhD in conjunction with the ‘Evaluating 21st Century Learning Environments’ Australian Linkage Council project at the University of Melbourne, focussing on the nature of collaborative teacher practices in ILEs. He is also a Research Fellow (part time) on the 2016-2019 Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change project (ILETC). @chrisbradbeer


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