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Spirals of Inquiry & Catalyst: supporting teacher reflection and transformation with learners at the centre
Spirals of Inquiry & Catalyst: supporting teacher reflection and transformation with learners at the centre
Created by Tessa Gray
Tuesday, 7 November 2017
7:15 am to 12:15 pm



07 Nov 2017


Breakfast and seminar: 7.15am - 8.45am 

Workshop: 9.15am - 12.15pm 


Breakfast seminar: $50 + GST per person 

Breakfast seminar and workshop: $150 + GST per person


Russley Golf Course - Christchurch (Click for more info)

This seminar will highlight and overview the very latest in teacher inquiry and knowledge building cycles (Teaching as Inquiry or Teacher Self Review) - Spirals of Inquiry (Kaser & Halbert) plus the Seven Principles of Learning (Dumont, Istance & Benavides). Participants will learn about the importance of using more than achievement data to learn about what to change in their practice. We will explore how to ensure that all voices are heard in multiple ways - even those voices not in the room. Catalyst: the collaborative inquiry game will be introduced and explained.

This CORE breakfast seminar will

  • Discuss the whakapapa of teaching as inquiry and the difference between older iterations of teaching as inquiry and Spirals of Inquiry

  • Give explanations of the first three phases of the Spirals of Inquiry with examples and links to Catalyst

  • Share an overview of the 7 Principles of Learning and where they came from

  • Introduce Catalyst: the collaborative inquiry game

About the workshop

The workshop will respond to participants’ needs to assist them with planning next steps. There will be a combination of 1:1 support from Suzi and Rebbecca, plus chances to explore Catalyst and other related resources and support. 

Suzi and Rebbecca will work with groups and individuals to:

  • Learn about and play Catalyst

  • Explore tools and resources to support leaders in mentoring and coaching staff to work with Spirals of Inquiry

  • Explore tools and resources to help teachers with each phase of the Spirals of Inquiry

This workshop supports people to develop their own solutions, rather than to use pre-existing templates and solutions as there is no one way to implement Spirals of Inquiry in a school or service.

Who will this session be of interest to?

This session will be of interest to teachers, leaders, middle leaders, team leaders in schools and ECE services who are curious to learn creative ways to listen and challenge what has always been done, in order to bring about positive, innovative, and equitable change in classrooms and early childhood settings.


Suzi and Rebbecca have recently returned from Canada where they were invited to facilitate workshops and deliver an Ignite presentation about Catalyst: CORE’s Collaborative Inquiry Game, as part of the NOII Symposium.

Rebbecca Sweeney - Consultant and Expert Partner

Rebbecca is a mentor, coach and accredited facilitator working with senior and middle school leaders around New Zealand in the use of Spirals of Inquiry and fostering collaboration. She also works as an Expert Partner with four CoLs. Rebbecca has always been driven to work in education for equity.

Suzi Gould - Accredited Facilitator

Suzi’s work ranges across the sector from ECE services, primary schools, intermediates and secondary schools. For the past three years Suzi has worked alongside schools and communities of learners to expand their curiosities about what will improve outcomes for their children in terms of being engaged in learning, their well-being and what they are potentially capable of. 

Through CORE’s uChoose programme Suzi has mentored a range of teachers and leaders including Pasifika grant winners, ECE service managers, secondary teachers implementing professional learning groups.


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