Glossary of Terms
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Glossary of Terms:


Huānga | Members: Here you will find newest, alphabetical, popular,  online members. You can hover over those members you wish to friend and scroll down to add friend. You can use the search facility (at the top of the site) to look for names of people you know to friend them as well. Their activity will show as site notifications and in your inbox.

Kāinga | Home: Landing page for edSpace with the latest groups, discussions, news and events on display.

Messages: When you click on this it shows you how many messages you have in your inbox. Click on the read message title to read and reply.

My groups: This shows the groups you have created or administer as a moderator.

Ngā Matapakinga | Discussions: Here you can create a new discussion. Use the drop-down menu to show which group the discussion is hosted from. You can also search the community for the LatestPopular and Unanswered discussions. Use the drop-down menu at the bottom to choose public (everyone can view, even if they are not edSpace members), logged in users (edSpace community members), the group (only group members can view) or private (only you can view). To follow discussions, click on the square speech bubble with a plus sign. This will now display as discussions you are following.

Ngā Rōpū | Groups: Here you can create a group. Once you have created a group you can invite members, or those not in this network to join. Once they have joined, they can share blogs, discussions, files, events and bookmarks with each other. Community groups default to Popular but you can click on the tabs for AlphabeticalNew and Featured (high profile groups).

Ngā Rongo Hou | News: Group owners can create a news item from the group itself. Go the group, scroll down to the left-hand side to choose news.

Ngā Takunetanga | Events: Group owners can create an event (associated with a date). Use the drop-down menu to show which group the event is hosted from. This page also displays in calendar view and those events you have indicated you are attending. 

Notifications:  Site notifications include; group invites, friends requests, comments, posts likes.

Pages: Pages can be generated by you as a user from your profile page or from a group. Go the group, scroll down to the left-hand side to choose pages. You can also generate sub-pages from parent pages.

Papatohu | Dashboard: On this page you can add widgets (tool blocks) to display the items that matter to you most. Wire posts (short messages 140 characters like Twitter) can be sent from here. Logged-in users can see your announcements on the Wire.

Profile: Here you can edit your avatar (or image/icon), edit profile details and create your own blogs, bookmarks, events, files, pages and wire posts.

Rangitaki | Blogs: Here you can create a blog post and this will be posted as a blog post from you. You can also create a blog post from the group you belong to or own. Go the group, scroll down to the left-hand side to choose blog. To like a blog post, click on the thumbs up icon.

Settings: In the top right-hand side corner, scroll down under your profile to view or change any account settings - notifications to inbox, email, password and profile settings.

Sub-groups: You can also create sub-groups from a main group. Anyone who joins a subgroup must also belong to the host group before they can view content and engage with others.

Tohuwāhi | Bookmarks: Here you can create a bookmark (quick link to useful Internet resource) and this will be posted as a bookmark from you. You can also create a bookmark from the group you belong to or from your own profile - scroll down to the left-hand side to choose bookmarks.

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