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Tō reo ki te raki, tō mana ki te whenua (49 minutes)

Let your story be heard in the heavens and your mana be restored to the land. If that is achieved capability will be achieved. 

Dr Hana O'Regan, keynote speaker at uLearn18, begins by describing the importance of hearing stories of resilience, survival, innovation and tenacity as a child, and how they fed her pride in her Ngāi Tahu identity. She points out that these stories, "the history of a country and its people told from Māori eyes and from Māori tongues", have rarely found equal voice in the classrooms and academia. She describes how has resulted in children in the education system left with the effect of history, but often not enlightened as to the cause. Hana believes that if our cultural belief as learners is not first rectified by providing the content that specifically addresses the inaccuracies and gaps in our history then we are unlikely to see the kind of shift that is required to change the educational statistics that we have been experiencing for over 70 years now.

See more in Hana O'Regan's keynote blog, Keynote: Hana O'Regan - Tō reo ki te raki, tō mana ki te whenua.


Here's the shared Google doc for Hana O'Regan's Keynote. 

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