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What you thought of uLearn 2018


Kerri Bucklands Beach"Two things that really struck a chord with me. One was that the associate education minister. Tracey Martin made the effort to come and spoke honestly and openly was really quite powerful, and I'm going to go online and fill in the survey (for assistive technologies), because it's something I feel quite passionate about so I'll do that before the end of the week.

Secondly, I've just left the game maker session, because I've been doing the Mindlab post grad paper, this session was great because it was really hands-on - something for me to apply directly to my year 5 classroom and something I'll take back to my digital curriculum team and talk about getting some more resources. Of course theres really good people here too." Kerri Riach, Bucklands Beach Primary School.


Mary-Anne Murphy  "Great content and workshops so far that I've been to. Great energy, good vibe here, lots of great sharing!" Mary-Anne Murphy








"The keynote speaker today Hana O'Regan, was amazing because understanding the 'why'...I knew what she was talking about but you forget along the way because you get so engrossed with the children in your class, that's its very easy to forget about the causes. It's a new understanding of when I walk back into that classroom that kids don't know what they don't know and it's so empowering to understanding their identity and belonging." Rose Magnussen, St. Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School.

Gemma"My favourite today has been Hana O'Regan, everything today has been amazing, but I loved listening to her and being challenged and learning things that I hadn't actually thought of before about changing narratives  and about the way our society and government has shaped opportunities or self view for our Māori learners and how we as educators need to work together to change that." Gemma Bradburn, One Tree Point School.

Shirley"Really inspiring and really refreshing. It's been a really good opportunity to get out and see what's happening in the wider education world and be exposed to new ideas and new concepts and inspired by motivational speakers. I find uLearn18 both affirming and challenging." Shirley Winters, One Tree Point School.

Mark"Any chance to get together with other people who are passionate about the things you're passionate about sharing ideas is always a good idea." Mark Herring, Using Technology.





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