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I enjoy photography, walking and running in the hills, doing handstands in weird and wonderful places, playing on the beach, caving, reading, learning and, most of all being with my family - my two beautiful boys and my husband. We needed a change of scenery, to get out of a rut and challenge ourselves so decided that life might be better/different down under so headed out to NZ in January 2008.Not much to say really! Born and brewed in Leeds just like Tetley’s beer! Moved to the Yorkshire Dales so I could spend more time exploring the underworld of life – caves, cavers and the like! Met Nigel who is now my husband, alter ego, other half etc and we have two sons. I speak French fluently, Spanish not quite so fluently, I have enough German to get by and I am challenging myself now by trying to learn Te Reo.

I have only just managed to leave school!  24 years teaching languages & Phys Ed in the UK and another 7 here in NZ teaching French, Spanish, organising outdoor camps and leading the exploration of the use of technology to support teaching and learning. In 2014 I was awarded an efellowship with Core Education and in July 2015 I made the brave and daunting decision to leave school to start work as a facilitator at Core Education.

I love my job supporting leaders, teachers and principals within New Zealand schools supporting them with a range of issues related to digital technology and decision-making. I help teachers to make strategic decisions about utilising technology to work collaboratively and place students at the centre of their learning and which is responsive to the needs and culture of the school community. 

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Brief description: Mum, learner, explorer, educator, lover of nature and being wild and free in the outdoors!
Twitter username: robeanne
Organisation you work for: Core Education, Connected Learning Advisory


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