Desire' Morris

About me
Kia ora
Firstly I am a proud  mother of 3 beautiful Children, My son Tiaan, who will be 18 in July this year (2018), My Daughter Kylah 17 in August this year (2018), and a wee toddler who has just turned 2!  All 3 are extremely close and my biggest achievement to date, but definitely keep me on my toes, I love every minute watching them grow into amazing young people.
I work for CORE and support a number of projects, I work alongside the most open, diverse and wonderful people, who help me strive to be the best me! CORE provides a warm and encouraging environment that I look forward to being a part of everyday.  The passion that CORE has toward education, its people and programmes it provides for all cohorts is really second to none and I am proud to say that I play a small part in.
My passion is Sport - Namely Netball, I have coached various age groups and level's for over 18 years now, and coordinated a club for a Primary/intermediate school - Currently I coach a Prem 1 & 2 Team and from time to time jump on the court myself in a competitive grade. Coaching is very similar to education in regards to teaching, and helping others achieve their best in what they love.  There are always ways to evolve in coaching much like education and it's always good to develop your skills if you are teaching or the one being taught.
" Life is not measured by the number of breathes we take, but by the moments that take our breath away"- Maya Angelou
Telephone: 0212422170
Organisation you work for: CORE Education