Janita Jenni Kira Boulton

About me

Brief bio: I have worked as a law clerk before being accepted into Teachers College. I have worked in the mainstream as a junior schoolteacher. I have worked with children with physical disabilities in a unit attached to a primary school. I have worked as a teacher of the Deafblind and have returned to this position as a manager. I have worked extensively with children with complex needs and have written a dissertation on the development of language for young children with dual sensory Impairments. I have worked as an interpreter for the Deaf in a church setting and am now working as a Resource Teacher of the Deaf. Skills: experienced mainstream teacher; experienced special educator; experienced specialist teacher. Ability to lift learning outcomes for students within a framework of collaborative relationships, ongoing professional development and reflective practice and inquiry. Patient, supportive, and creative. Knowledge of language learning and learning styles, functional behaviour assessment and gentle teaching approaches. WEBSITE

Brief description: Teacher of Deaf
Telephone: 64273752210
Mobile phone: 64273752210
Twitter username: janita boulton @BoultonJanita
Organisation you work for: Ko Taku Reo