Mary McQuoid

About me

I've worked in and around education for over 20 years and spent the last 6 working with schools around the integration of technology into the classroom, STEAM, Managed Services and the Digital Curriculum and how it changes the way a classroom looks/feels.

I'm very passionate about education and STEAM and am lucky enough to now work for a company very focussed on STEAM and so I get to take home lots of fantastic 'toys' to see how they would fit into a classroom and support in teaching and learning. I am particularly interested in all things around coding and robotics.


Brief description: I'm a STEAM advocate and passionate around how we can support schools with our brands and how to use them effectively in a classroom situation.
Telephone: 0211428211
Mobile phone: 0211428211
Twitter username: marymc60
Organisation you work for: MacGear New Zealand