Pip Brunn

About me

Hi there, let me introduce a bit about me.

21 years ago I took my first born daughter Jessica for a walk and came across the Playcentre logo, the next day i took her in her pretty best clothes for a visit, after that day, they were no longer her best clothes, they were her Playcentre clothes.

I was inspired to learn how important the early childhood years were and became passionate about the early years and empowering parents from early on, my own experiences as a child were less that desirable and i was relieved to learn that there were excellent ways to support learning and education for parents on how to be the best parent you can be.

My second daughter was born with a rare chromosome disorder and her life would be uncertain , but through my passion and knowledge that i was gaining from the Playcentre parent education program and the family that was around me in Playcentre I was able to draw strength to support her in what she needed.

During the early years I trained with the Learning and Behavior charitable trust and was inspired by overseas visiting professionals to look outside the square and be creative in supporting tamariki and their whanau living with specific learning differences and intellectual challenges.

In the years to follow I slowly worked through the Playcentre parent Education diploma and participated in many life long learning opportunities .

I am now a mother of 6 amazing daughters and married to William Brunn for 24 years.

I have been in various leadership roles within the Playcentre environment the sector which have enabled me to support inclusive practices to be visible in a variety of creative ways.

In recent years I have rediscovered my history I have a new found aroha for my tangata when whanau and learning more about weaving Te Ao Maori into my everyday life.

I am honoured and excited to be in this role to mentor and guide through a process of inquiry to support leaders to challenge their current thinking and practices and igniting passion in our new Early Childhood Curriculum .

UPDATE! I have come to the end of my journey as a Curriculum Champion, but I will always Champion the Curriculum, I look forward to continuing discussion in Te Hono about our amazing Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whāriki



Brief description: Curriculum Champion
Mobile phone: 0276990675
Organisation you work for: New Zealand Playcentre Federation