Rochelle Savage

About me

Before joining CORE as part of the Learning Experience team (who work with content experts to advise and build online courses) in 2013, I was the Distance Learning Manager for the School of Marketing and International Business at Victoria University, assisting the lecturers to convert their on-campus marketing courses into distance learning courses.

I previously worked as an actor and writer for television, theatre and radio; I enjoy working with others to bring their vision to life.

Brief description: Kia ora koutou - Ko Rochelle tōku ingoa. I work for the Learning Experience team and we work with content experts to advise and suggest options to bring their online course to life and then construct it. I also work on creating educational podcasts. I am a beginner learner of Te Reo Māori. I am very interested in helping boys engage in education as a mother of two tama.
Mobile phone: 021913434
Twitter username: rsavagenz
Organisation you work for: CORE Education

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