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I am a 3rd year primary school teacher. I have lived in Hamilton for 5 years where I trained to be a primary school teacher, after which I then moved to Rotorua to teach at Rotorua Intermediate for 2 years. I am originally from Taumarunui and have moved home where I now teach years 4-8 at Ongarue Primary School. I live on a small life style farm with My partner. I have 2 dogs Zoe, and Macey, 2 cuddly cats Ziggy, and Olli, 7 chickens, and 11 sheep. It has been a huge learning curve living on a farm but I am loving it. When I started off teaching it was a huge shock as the things you learn at university do not include how to start off in a classroom, I will admit I was scared and felt like I was drowning but I got through it and after 3 years and a lot of support and learning from friends, colleagues, and courses I know that teaching is what I like doing.  

Brief description: 3rd year primary school teacher
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Organisation you work for: Ongarue Primary School- Ministry of Education

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