Sarah Whiting

About me

I have a passion for agency and providing opportunities for all stakeholders to have choice and voice in education. In line with this, I advocate for school being the nest within communities from which all can be nurtured and flourish. I am currently writing a book about learner agency - part of this is tapping into experts around the globe in this area.

I enjoy mentoring and coaching leaders and teachers, listening and responding to their needs and supporting them to find their own transformational journeys. I get a real sense of achievement out of working alongside people, enabling them to identify their outcomes and support them to achieve this. I love being able to show teachers that change doesn’t have to mean hard work or be something to fear by supporting them in breaking down the barriers that might get in the way of change. Watching people grow and sparkle is what I love most about my job!

Brief description: A passionate educational leader, facilitator and mentor who brings out the potential of each and every learner (big or small, old or young).
Twitter username: #SWebstar
Organisation you work for: CORE Education Ltd