• Cushla Young

      Cushla Young

      • New Plymouth
      Year 5/6 teacher, St John Bosco School
      • Anaru White

        Anaru White

        • Whaitara, Taranaki
        Accredited Facilitator and Te Ara Whītiki (Connected Learning Advisory) Advisor.
        • Jacky Young

          Binary Bracelets in the group Digital Technologies| Hangarau Matihiko Curriculum

          This looks like fun. I have tucked it away in my DT kete. It has links to the actual lessons teachers could follow if interested.

          Tags: binary, coding, computational thinking, digital technology, primary, activity, lessons


          • Anne-Louise Robertson

            No point teaching coding.... in the group Digital Technologies| Hangarau Matihiko Curriculum

            Interesting article but comments attached also make good reading... What are your thoughts?

            Tags: coding, digital technology

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            • Helen Cooper

              Learning digitally / Te ako ā matahiko in the group uLearn discussion group

              Please join the conversation - we meet in person for the Sofa session in Breakout 4, Thursday 11:15-12:45pm in the Arena Lounge Level 1 (turn right s you go up the stairs). The panel includes: Fiona Grant from the Manaiakalani Trust;  Chris Dillon - Cambridge High School, Janelle- Riki-...

              Tags: Digital technology, Hangarau Matahiko, digital learning, digital learners

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              • Lorraine Hitchcock

                Lorraine Hitchcock

                • Innglewood, Taranaki
                DP, Teacher, Across School Teacher, Learner
                • Tony Cairns

                  Tony Cairns

                  • wellington high school
                  • Jacky Young

                    Video - why teach DT? in the group Digital Technologies| Hangarau Matihiko Curriculum

                    This video was included in the Feb 2020 Education Gazette, talking with various IT industry people about the need to teach DT in schools. It is the first in a series of videos. Future-focused learning in schools and kura | Digital Curriculum & Hangarau Matihiko – episode 1

                    Tags: DT, computational thinking, Digital Technology, industry links, why, future-focused

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                    • Chris Dillon

                      Chris Dillon

                      • Waikato
                      DT & HM Online for NCEA, Subject specialist; Teacher of Digital Technology, Cambridge High School; DTTA executive member; PPTA ICT Advisory
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                    • Meri Kirihimete from edSpace
                      Meri Kirihimete from edSpace
                      Meri Kirihimete me te tau hou koa, see you all again in the new year.
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                      edSpace reaches a new milestone
                      Woohoo over 3,000 members have now joined edSpace (CORE Education's community of practice). Congratulations everyone, you're part of a bigger whānau. This is your place to connect with like-minded colleagues; talk about trends in education and what matters most for you, as teachers...
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