• Future focused education
    Future focused education

    Rapid change is taking place in many areas of our world including demographics, environment,...

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      Announcing Ten Trends 2020 in the group CORE Ten Trends

      How exciting, the same week we hear the country is coming out of Lockdown and heading into Level 2, we learn that CORE's Ten Trends 2020 are on their way! For the past 15 years, the team at CORE Education have analysed trends and influences that we anticipate will have a growing impact up...

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      • Anne Kenneally

        CORE Ten Trends in the group CENZ Connected Educator New Zealand

        Join us at 4pm on Facebook Live for a series of sessions where Derek Wenmoth discusses CORE's Ten Trends. You may wish to download the CORE Ten Trends pdf  and we would love to have your voice in our discussion forum.  Please visit and add in your wonderings, questions or co...

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        • Tessa Gray

          What should we be assessing in education? in the group Future focused education

          Thought I'd share this great video spotlighted by both Leigh Hynes and Jan-Marie Kellow - an interview with OECD’s Director for Education and Skills Andreas Schleicher published by Global Education & Skills Forum.  In this interview, Andreas talks about some of the ...

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          • R Maunder

            R Maunder

            • Whangarei
            HOD of technology at WGHS, love learning, education and innovation
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              CORE blog is one of New Zealand's top education blogs

              Good news!  The Best New Zealand Education Blogs from thousands of New Zealand Education blogs have been ranked based on following criteria Google reputation and Google search ranking Influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites Quality and consis...

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              • Barrie Matthews

                Barrie Matthews

                LEARNZ virtual field trips Project Manager at CORE Education. Teacher for 15 years. Various roles with LEARNZ for the last 18 years.
                • edSpace

                  The advantages of equity for disadvantaged students in the group Future focused education

                  Here's some more gold from OECD community. Issues like equity and disparity in education are a global phenomena. Education can be an engine of social inclusion. It can also help reduce broader social inequality. This can be the case if and only if all students, regardless of disadva...

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                  • Tessa Gray

                    What readings do you have planned for the summer? in the group Hurahura

                    I'm half way through Sapiens: A brief history of humankind by Yuval Noah Harari. Not strictly a professional reading, but incredible relevant nonetheless. The evolution of humanity will enthrall and shock you - like the untruths and misconceptions, we've blindly adopted across cu...

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                    • CORE Education

                      LEARNING TO THRIVE IN A TRANSFORMING WORLD in the group Innovation and transformation

                          Today, education has to be about learning to thrive in a transforming world.     How can we nurture and grow our students as learners? How do we enable every child to flourish and lead fulfilling lives? Derek Wenmoth explores these questions in the fi...

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                    • Professional learning on offer 2021
                      Kia ora koutou ma, a few people have been asking, so here it is, CORE's PLS schedule for webinars (online), seminars (face to face) and online programmes for 2021. To view larger, click in the top right-hand corner to open in a new window. Please feel free to print this out, display in your...
                    • uLearn 20 is virtual
                      uLearn 20 is virtual
                      Did you know uLearn20 is virtual this year? For the fist time ever uLearn20 will be delivered online! Now it doesn't matter where you are, everyone can attend uLearn20! Pohewatia te āpōpō | Reimagine tomorrow.    7-8 October 2020  Using an exciting, contemporary...
                    • Ten Trends 2020: A retrospective report
                      Ten Trends 2020: A retrospective report
                      With Ten Trends 2020 released on Friday, we can’t go past this retrospective look at trends from the last 15 years (and the impact they’ve had on education in Aotearoa). Download the document and explore the trends behind the technology, structural, cultural, economic and process...