• Anne-Louise Robertson

      Anne-Louise Robertson

      Pepeha I enjoy photography, walking and running in the hills, doing handstands in weird and wonderful places, playing on the beach, caving, reading, learning and, most of all being with my family - my two beautiful boys and my husband. We needed a change of scenery, to get out of a rut and c...

      Skills: Change Leadership, Professional Learning, Digital Fluency, Future Focused Education

      • Ngaire Shepherd-Wills

        Ngaire Shepherd-Wills

        Ko Ngaire Shepherd-Wills tōku ingoa. I am a facilitator with CORE Education, having been involved in the business of learning my whole career. Teaching kids is my passion, especially using digital technologies and the power of collaboration to make learning awesome!  I'm privileged to be i...

        Skills: Collaborative practice, Designing innovative learning environments, content and technical writing, Professional Learning

        • Viv Hall

          Viv Hall

          Kia ora My personal educational belief is the importance of providing students with individual choices and challenges, offering opportunity and responsibility through multimodal learning environments to establish quality learning. Passionate about enabling educators to embrace the teaching an...

          Skills: Change leadership, Digital Fluency, Professional Learning, Future Focussed Education, Connected Coaching

          • Katrina Laurie

            Benefits of a mini Teacher Inquiry?

            Recently I have come across many schools referring to their Teaching as Inquiry (TAI) as mini inquiries. When asked about why they are encouraging this process the response is around increasing accountability and to see quicker changes in practice. This has led to me thinking about the Spirals...

            Tags: Teaching as Inquiry, Professional Learning, collaborative practice

            • Tessa Gray

              CORE face-to-face workshops

              CORE provides high quality professional learning opportunities that are in-depth, relevant, sustained over time, and designed to meet the needs of individual staff, teams, whole schools and clusters. Check out the upcoming workshops in your area and enrol now. CORE website | Face-to-face ...

              Tags: face-to-face, workshops, professional learning, events, enrol

              • Chris McLean

                Chris McLean

                Skills: Collaborative practice, curriculum delivery, content development, professional learning

                • James Hopkins

                  Play ideas - complete collection via MoE

                  I've been having a leaf through the play ideas collection that came out of Ministry. It's a really good complete collection that original came from their early years team, but very much has its place with anyone exploring play and wanting to gather some more ideas.  One of the rea...

                  Tags: play based learning, strategies, teaching and learning, informing community, professional learning, curriculum

                  • Viv Hall

                    What ducky are you going to put down?

                    Put down the ducky. Helen Timperley of the University of Auckland makes the strategic point that when we are learning something new, we have to decide what we are going to stop doing. She illustrates this with a clip from Sesame Street. As a facilitator, In this relatively new environment offe...

                    Tags: Inquiry, wellbeing, leadership, spiralsofinquiry, professional learning

                    • Anne-Louise Robertson

                      Moving from PLD in a box to sustainable, effective PLD...

                      I was at Womad last weekend and the range of different people, all ages, all walks of life, was phenomenal.  They were all there because of a common passion - music. Conferences also bring together lots of different people.  Their passion? Learning. Because they want to interact with li...

                      Tags: professional learning, PLD, tick boxes

                    • TER

                      Nau mai haere mai! Tēnā koutou, malo e lei lei, welcome to you TER place on edSpace. This is an open forum for you to connect and meet with others on the Teacher Education Refresh (TER) programme, and to seek and offer support with those puzzles of practice. Your contributions and expertise will be invaluable as we grow this community of educators together.

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