• Hēmi Waerea

      Hēmi Waerea

      • Rotorua
      A fun happy going guy who is passionate about educating not only our tamariki but also our adults so they can be who they want to be.
      • Robin Gardner

        Robin Gardner

        • Rotorua
        Teacher from Alfredton School.
        • Rachel Judd
          • Belinda


            • Rotorua
            Assistant Principal and SENCo at Otonga Primary, Rotorua
            • Jenny Charity

              Jenny Charity

              • Rotorua
              Early Childhood Teacher and Curriculum Champion Kaiaki Marautanga
              • Maree Conaglen

                Maree Conaglen

                • Rotorua
                Nga mihi nui ki nga tangata katoa no nga hau e wha. Ko ngati Pakeha te iwi. No Taranaki ahau. Tena koutou katoa.
                • CORE Education

                  uLearn19 virtual tour in the group uLearn discussion group

                  Got a minute? Take this virtual tour with us and discover what you'll expect to do and see at uLearn19 this year. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop these below (Simply join uLearn discussion group to contribute). 24 DAYS TO GO... want to know m...

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                • uLearn 20 is virtual
                  uLearn 20 is virtual
                  Did you know uLearn20 is virtual this year? For the fist time ever uLearn20 will be delivered online! Now it doesn't matter wheere you are, everyone can attend uLearn20! Pohewatia te āpōpō | Reimagine tomorrow.    7-8 October 2020  Using an exciting, contemporary...
                • Ten Trends 2020: A retrospective report
                  Ten Trends 2020: A retrospective report
                  With Ten Trends 2020 released on Friday, we can’t go past this retrospective look at trends from the last 15 years (and the impact they’ve had on education in Aotearoa). Download the document and explore the trends behind the technology, structural, cultural, economic and process...
                • edSpace live event: Cultivating Social Connection online
                  edSpace live event: Cultivating Social Connection online
                  Nothing can replace the physical connection that we all need in the form of face to face. So what can we do in the meantime to cultivate the connection they need and we need? By turning up the volume online on the ways we can possibly socially connect. If you are interested in knowing more, why...