• James Robson

      James Robson

      I am an experienced New Zealand primary school teacher. I started teaching in 1995 and have worked in many schools over the years Red Beach School, Wainui School, Orewa Primary, Silverdale School, Orewa North Primary, Albany Primary, and Coatesville School. Currently, I am the digital learning le...


    • All things Makerspace
      All things Makerspace

      All things Makerspace

      • Gillian Donnelly

        Gillian Donnelly

        I work at Otatara School in Invercargill collaboratively teaching 47 Year 5 students with my work wife.  I was a participant teacher in 2016 in the Science Teaching Leadership Programme with the Royal Society of New Zealand and lead science in my school.  I am a flexible thinker with an open mind...

        Tags (please separate each one with a comma): collaborative practise, leadership, curriculum design, science, IT, student agency, STEAM, drama, dance, social and emotional learning

        • Nicky C

          Nicky C

          I teach 60 Year 6 students in a collaborative learning space. I am also the Manager of Curriculum, Resources and Digital Technologies as well as the teacher in charge of the Library and Yr 5/6 Team Leader. I recently did the Post Graduate Certificate in Digital and Collaborative Learning. I am...

          Tags (please separate each one with a comma): Digital Technologies, Digital Curriculum, STEM, STEAM, Future Learning

          • Tessa Gray

            What is an authentic learning context?

            Help needed please >>> In a constructivist model of learning, we talk about Play Based learning, Project-Based learning, Passion projects,  Student-based inquiry, STEAM, STEM, Makerspace...we even talk about, In an authentic context with end users in mind...(Digital Technologies...

            Tags: student-based, inquiry, project, passion, ideas, authentic, contexts, STEM, STEAM, Makerspace

            • CORE Education

              Maker spaces and maker pedagogies

              In this video, Janette Hughes (Faculty of Education at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology) talks about her research looking at the impact of bringing a Makerspace culture/pedagogy - an informal learning approach into a traditionally formal learning environment, with a particul...

              Tags: makerspace, pedagogies, research, ontario, stem, steam

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