• Shelley Latimer

      Shelley Latimer

      • Glendene, Te Atatu , West Auckland
      Passionate Primary Teacher at Glendene school
      • Mary McQuoid

        Mary McQuoid

        • Auckland and Christchurch
        I'm a STEAM advocate and passionate around how we can support schools with our brands and how to use them effectively in a classroom situation.
        • Lorraine Vickery

          Lorraine Vickery

          • Mt Roskill Grammar School
          Director of E-Learning at Mt Roskill Grammar School. Teach students with special education needs.
          • James Robson

            James Robson

            • Auckland
            I am the digital learning leader at Forrest Hill and the digital learning specialist for Support ​IT.
          • All things Makerspace
            All things Makerspace

            All things Makerspace

            • Gillian Donnelly

              Gillian Donnelly

              • Invercargill
              Collaborator, science geek and lone nut.
              • Nicky C

                Nicky C

                • Orewa, Auckland
                • Tessa Gray

                  What is an authentic learning context? in the group Future focused education

                  Help needed please >>> In a constructivist model of learning, we talk about Play Based learning, Project-Based learning, Passion projects,  Student-based inquiry, STEAM, STEM, Makerspace...we even talk about, In an authentic context with end users in mind...(Digital Technologies...

                  Tags: student-based, inquiry, project, passion, ideas, authentic, contexts, STEM, STEAM, Makerspace

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                  • CORE Education

                    Maker spaces and maker pedagogies in the group EDtalks

                    In this video, Janette Hughes (Faculty of Education at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology) talks about her research looking at the impact of bringing a Makerspace culture/pedagogy - an informal learning approach into a traditionally formal learning environment, with a particul...

                    Tags: makerspace, pedagogies, research, ontario, stem, steam


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                  • Friday 3 April updates
                    Kia ora e te whānau, we hope this update sees you well. Our international friend and mentor, Wesley Fryer has published a blog, 3 Ways to Become a More Connected Educator During the COVID-19 Crisis. He writes, As we grapple as teachers with how to maintain wellness and self-care...
                  • Day 6: Level 4 PLD support for schools
                    Kia ora e te whānau, Day 6, Level 4: We hope you've all settled into a new routine and finding moments for yourselves and well as juggling a new work-life balance. We're thinking of you during this time as we self-isolate alongside you (from home). As you know, the government...
                  • He waka eke noa
                    We're all in this together. Day 2: We know you'll be taking the time to look after yourselves, your whānau and giving yourselves time to settle in. Some of you will also be thinking about exploring ways to make learning achievable for you as kaikao and achievable for your ākonga and...