• Tessa Gray

      Tessa Gray

      Kia ora, Ko Mauao te maunga, Ko Kaituna te awa, Ko pakeha te iwi, Ko Tessa Gray toku ingoa I currently work online from the Sunny BOP in several online spaces for educators, including the Virtual Learning Network. I'm passionate about inspiring dialogue around the best and most...

      Tags (please separate each one with a comma): ict, e-learning, 21st Century pedagogy, my son, singing, art, interior decorating

      • David Bailey

        David Bailey

        I am a Marketing Coordinator for CORE Education.  Originally from Hawke's Bay, and around ten years in Wellington, I have lived in Christchurch now for over 30 years. I have a background in graphic and web design, publishing, writing, and editing. I am an avid learner. 

        Tags (please separate each one with a comma): family, friends, reading, writing, art, speaking, Bible study

        • Ruthanne Kennedy

          Ruthanne Kennedy

          Tēnā koutou katoa Ko Aoraki te maunga Ko Otākāro te awa Ko Halcione te waka Ko Ruthanne tōku ingoa Nō Ōtautahi ahau ēngari e noho ana ahau ki Tawa.   I am an ESOL coordinator in two schools in Tawa but also work online for CORE as the ePrincipal of the Accelerated English Lan...

          Tags (please separate each one with a comma): music and singing, various crafts, musical theatre, art, literacy, English language learners, maths, science, ICT, UDL, various racquet/bat and ball sports

          • Tony Cairns

            Tony Cairns

            I learn, I sleep, I teach. and latterly I walk a lot


            • Karen Gilbert

              Karen Gilbert

              Kia ora Ko Moki tapu te  Maunga Ko Mai ta hi te awa No Whakatu ahau Ko Karen Gilbert toku ingoa He Kaiako ahau i te whare kohungahunga o Omaio me Hira     I qualified with a Graduate Diploma in Teaching in 2011 from Victoria University. I was employed by the Nelson Tasman Kin...

              Tags (please separate each one with a comma): Art, walking, biking, cooking, sustainability

              • Fiona Maw

                Fiona Maw

                D.P. at Allenton School with responsibility for the Junior School ( up to14 staff by end of each year). Also GATE Co-ordinator and Curriculum lead. Music is my passion and am the administrator of local schools Music Festival. Play piano and guitar and sing at events/shows from time to time.

                Tags (please separate each one with a comma): Music, Art, Gardening, Novels and Films.

                • Madeline


                  Kia ora, Since 2015 I have worked for CORE as a facilitator in the Manaiakalani Outreach Programme. I am currently based in the Toki Pounamu Outreach cluster on the South Island’s West Coast. These schools are part of the Mawhera or Westland Communities of Learning. Prior to working at CORE, I...

                  Tags (please separate each one with a comma): Art, Taichi, horse riding, being in the outdoors, family

                  • Chris Dillon

                    Chris Dillon

                    Mangakawa te maunga Ko Waikato te awa Ko Kemureti te kiaga Ko Ngati Pakeha te iwi Nō Ahitereiria ahau, te Whenua Moemoeā Ko Dillon tōku whanau Kō Chris tōku ingoa Subject specialist with DT & HM Online for NCEA for the Ministry of Education. 14 years Teacher of Digital Technology &...

                    Tags (please separate each one with a comma): Digital Technology, Electronics, Media, Graphics, Art, Sustainability, Environment, Conservation, Pest Control

                    • Michelle Parkes

                      Michelle Parkes

                      Tags (please separate each one with a comma): Art, reading, running, spending time with whanau and friends.

                      • Holly Yardley

                        Holly Yardley

                        I am a second year teacher at Frankton Primary School. I am currently working in a collaborative learning space with Year 1 and 2 Students.

                        Tags (please separate each one with a comma): Art, Music, Literacy, Cultural responsiveness, Inquiry learning

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