• Tessa Gray

      What makes an online community?

      What are you? A Blues or Hurricanes fan? A Mac or PC user? Prefer a Holden or a Ford? Having a discussion (or even argument) around important things that really matter to us is nothing new.  I'm currently (enjoying) working my way through an online course, learning mor...

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      • CORE Education

        Ask a question

        This is a fast and responsive community-based discussion forum, we’re not always going to ‘get it right’ but we know we can learn from each other.  We are a community of experts, some in classrooms, some who support a community of practitioners. All of your wonderings a...

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        • CORE Education

          Creating groups in edSpace

          You came, you registered and now you're using edSpace - great job! Next step: People are requesting to create groups. Groups are the foundation of edSpace. This is where you invite like-minded educators to host and share blogs, discussions, events and more. Create a group for your ...

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          • CORE Education

            edSpace our networking frontier

            Connect, share and discuss with edSpace edSpace is an online community for educators to gather and share their ideas, practices, resources and more. Online Facilitator, Tessa Gray, explores what edSpace has to offer in her latest blog post. Have a read and then check out the feat...

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            • Tessa Gray

              ILEs and MLEs | The hot debate continues

              Being a small country and a democracy means we can all have our say and at the moment, the hot debate is ILEs (Innovative Learning Environments), MLEs (Modern Learning Environments) or FLEs (Flexible Learning Environments). While one media article reports that, Parents are ditching school...

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              • CORE Education

                Making future-oriented change less frightening for your school community

                Meet Stephanie Pride   Most educators know that the ways our learners need to learn in order to thrive are very different from the ways their parents, caregivers or even older siblings learned. This session will walk you through a set of tried and tested futures tools and techniques that...

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                • edSpace

                  Time to celebrate edSpace turns one years old!

                  Rā whānau hari Ki a koe edSpace! Time to celebrate as edSpace turns one tomorrow. Can you see yourself in here? 

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                  • CORE Education

                    Not Yet 20 - Inside the minds of NZ's next generation of leaders

                    Meet Maisy Bentley, Jay McLaren-Harris, and Liam McLeavey   Three successful millennial entrepreneurs who will be discussing insights around key capabilities and effective partnerships. Maisy, Jay and Liam will share their perspectives on why partnerships between students, st...

                    Tags: key competencies, capabilities, insights, entrepreneurs, youth, connections, community, skills, communication, partnerships

                    • CORE Education

                      Developing deep and meaningful ako relationships with iwi, community, industry and universities

                      Meet Nick Pattison Nick Pattison started New Zealand’s first STEM immersion class at Rongomai Primary in Otara in 2016 to show how STEM education can provide accelerated learning for the students. His primary classroom led the testing of homes for mould in South Auckland. As Learn...

                      Tags: stem, science, technology, engineering, maths, integration, collaboration, making, difference, community, partnerships

                      • CORE Education

                        Using Seesaw to Enhance Home-School Partnerships (March)

                        Seesaw is the student driven digital learning journal that empowers students to share their learning to an authentic audience - their parents and whānau. This workshop will look at different ways you can use Seesaw with your students with the in-built creative tools and also app smashing ideas to...

                        Tags: seesaw, community, interface, integrate, seminar

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                      • Hei Pānui edSpace | mō te marama Hui-tanguru 2019
                        Hei Pānui edSpace | mō te marama Hui-tanguru 2019
                        Tēnā koutou, talofa lava, malo o lelei and welcome back to a new school year and our very first pānui mō te marama Hui-tanguru for 2019. We've already kicked off the year with our Treaty Talks and the release of CORE's Ten Trends 2019. There's lots more on the agenda for...
                      • CORE Ten Trends 2019 released today!
                        PLEASE NOTE: To reply to discussions around the Ten Trends 2019, join the CORE Ten Trends group first.
                      • What's your professional learning focus in 2019?
                        What's your professional learning focus in 2019?
                        Kia ora tatou and welcome back to 2019. A new learning year is upon us, new students in front of us, new teaching and learning goals and foci across the school/kura. Whatever direction you're taking, leading or learning; we have solutions to support you. Check out the up-coming events and...