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    • Tessa Gray

      Tessa Gray

      • Tauranga
      Ko Tessa Gray toku ingoa, edSpace online facilitator. Passionate about growing thriving online communities. Based in the sunny Bay of Plenty.
      • Ross


        • Wellington
        I have worked at CORE Education for 5 years on a number of digital projects.

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        • Tessa Gray

          Comment on "Te wero o te wiki: edSpace challenge, June 11 - 15"

          Here's the last one folks and it’s another easy one, simple share edSpace with others! Register your completion and check the results today for a winner drawn by a digital radomizer at 5pm (if all tasks have been completed).

          • Tessa Gray

            Comment on "CS unplugged activities"

            Nice one Nicole, let us know how you get on? You might also like some of the 'plugged' coding ideas from Hour of Code using digital programmes like Scratch, with some very...

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            • Juliet Revell

              What's My Why?

              ...ts of joy, everyday, as a classroom teacher. But, it can certainly take its toll when the balance slides. I am now out of the classroom, teaching Digital Technologies to teachers acro...

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              • CORE Education

                Keynote: Mike Walsh - Preparing the next generation for the algorithmic age in the group uLearn discussion group

                ...previous to them. Walsh points out that this digitally native group of users devel...  Are our experiences within the digital economy going to get wider an...cord? Even with tech, our ability to see more digitally makes us want to see it mor...

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                • CORE Education

                  Ten Trend: Social mapping in the group CORE Ten Trends

                  ...ancestral spaces (mārae, awa, moana, and maunga), and enhanced through digital interaction (coding, Google Maps and virtual reality). For more on the digital tools, check out Google tools...

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                  • CORE Education

                    Reply on topic: School delivery plan for Digital Technologies

                    Oops @Glendajanek thank you, basic Human interface 101 - the link would help! Here's the link: Let me know what you think, what can be added, replaced or taken out etc

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                    • Nathalie Bonnetat

                      My name is Nathalie Bonnetat. My inquiry title is The effective use of digital tools for my mixed ability classes


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                      • CORE Education

                        Hei Pānui edSpace | mō te marama Haratua 2019

                        ...Also see: How are you using Seesaw in your school?   Digital Technologies | Hangarau ...rt teachers, kaiako and leaders to better understand and implement the Digital Technologies and Hangarau Mat...

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                        • CORE Education

                          Calling all uLearn19 presenters in the group uLearn discussion group

                          ...periences at uLearn19? Extend yourself and try your hand at presenting.  Hold a 60-90 minute workshop, 25 minute taster session, 2 minute digital smackdown or a pop-up maker-s...


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                        • ACCELERATOR workshops
                          ACCELERATOR workshops
                          Would you like the opportunity to grow new ideas? And maybe break some rules? ACCELERATOR is for you! This exciting and immersive experience is designed to speed up change in teaching and learning by activating innovative solutions.      ACCELERATOR utilises a...
                        • Hei Pānui edSpace | mō te marama Haratua 2019
                          Hei Pānui edSpace | mō te marama Haratua 2019
                          Tēnā koutou, talofa lava, malo o lelei and welcome back to the latest pānui (round-up) for edSpace, May 2019.  We've got some exciting stories to roll out around CORE's Ten Trends and we are building up to uLearn19 October, 2019 with a series of posts that profile a mixture of...
                        • Calling all uLearn19 presenters
                          Calling all uLearn19 presenters
                          Are you interested in sharing your learning experiences at uLearn19? Extend yourself and try your hand at presenting.  Hold a 60-90 minute workshop, 25 minute taster session, 2 minute digital smackdown or a pop-up maker-space. Why not think about presenting your peer reviewed paper at Kia...