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        Ko te tamaiti te putāke o te kaupapa. Every young person has the right to be supported by an education system that feels cohesive and is motivated by the vision of all our young people being confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners. Every day I come across young people and their teachers having amazing interactions and solving wicked problems. Helping more young people and more teachers have these experiences is what motivates me to work in education.

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        • Anne-Louise Robertson

          Comment on "What makes an online community?"

 a purpose, I didn't know what to do or say. Then, I went to an education conference, I was on my...y to get some discussions going about Guy Claxton and his theories on Education as I was working in a school...

          • Tessa Gray

            Comment on "CS unplugged activities"

            ...#39;plugged' coding ideas from Hour of Code using digital programmes like Scratch, with some very special lessons created by Microsoft, CORE Education and OMGTech! just for our kid...

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            • CORE Education

              Keynote: Sally-Ann Williams - Inspiring Innovators in the group uLearn discussion group

              Our final keynote speaker for uLearn19 was Sally-Ann Williams, CEO of Cicada Innovations in Australia, speaking on the Auahatanga / Innovation theme. Her keynote provide...

              Tags: keynote, Sally-Ann, Williams, education, innovation

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              • CORE Education

                Keynote: Dominic Liechti - The Future of Learning with Apple in the group uLearn discussion group

                ...minic Liechti develops worldwide education strategy for Apple, and this...sitive, or detrimental effect on education and society.   He...will be an important part of the education experience in the future and...example of culturally responsive educational design can be seen here in...

                Tags: keynote, dominic, liechti, Apple, education, innovation, ipads

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                • CORE Education

                  Dominic Liechti keynote Google doc in the group uLearn discussion group

                  Dominic Liechti develops worldwide education strategy at Apple. Before joining Apple he had a direct role in the vision, design, and launch of innovative education products while managing corpo...

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                  • CORE Education

                    Ten Trend: Micro-credentialing in the group CORE Ten Trends

           of the hot rising trends in education, that takes the idea that lea...upskilling and reskilling. CORE Education Ten Trends 2019: Micro-creden...ntric/learner agency approach in education, moving away from large &lsqu...More resources see see CORE Education Ten Trends 2019, Micro-creden...

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                    • Tessa Gray

                      Trades hall announcements in the group uLearn discussion group

                      CORE Education: VLN green screen prize winner   Con...n CORE stand.     iLearn Education prizes - Maths-Whizz  ...etition: Edward from Mission Heights Education Perfect iPad winner: Con...

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                      • CORE Education

                        Ten Trends Showcase uLearn19 in the group uLearn discussion group

               over time) and how these effect our everyday lives as well as education.  This was follow...sing key understandings and implications of the CORE Ten Trends19 for education in Aotearoa....

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                        • Kathie Rifle

                          Join me at uLearn19 in the Wednesday morning Breakout Session 1 (Presentation C) - Reclaiming education for Māori students


                          • Tessa Gray

                            First of our daily #treatytalks19 questions. How you think Te Tiriti o Waitangi could shape the curriculum?


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                            • CORE Education

                              Hei Pānui edSpace | mō te marama Haratua 2019

                              ...quipped to adopt and embrace these trends in education. Ten Trend: Real-time repo...| Disruption: Imagine the impact of an education system, which genuinely refle... Lead the way in the education sector, applications are now...

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                              • CORE Education

                                Hei Pānui edSpace | mō te marama Hui-tanguru 2019

                                ...Trends for 2019, the drivers influencing this change and examples in educational contexts. The Ten Trends...nbsp;these following conversations above.   Future focused education What is an authentic learn...


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                                • Ali Hughes

                                  Ali Hughes

                                  • Christchurch
                                  • Phebs


                                    • Moerewa, Northland
                                    Ancestrally driven, supporting kaupapa that uplifts us all. "Be fearless in the pursuit that sets your soul on FIRE"
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                                  • ACCELERATOR workshops
                                    ACCELERATOR workshops
                                    Would you like the opportunity to grow new ideas? And maybe break some rules? ACCELERATOR is for you! This exciting and immersive experience is designed to speed up change in teaching and learning by activating innovative solutions.      ACCELERATOR utilises a...
                                  • Hei Pānui edSpace | mō te marama Haratua 2019
                                    Hei Pānui edSpace | mō te marama Haratua 2019
                                    Tēnā koutou, talofa lava, malo o lelei and welcome back to the latest pānui (round-up) for edSpace, May 2019.  We've got some exciting stories to roll out around CORE's Ten Trends and we are building up to uLearn19 October, 2019 with a series of posts that profile a mixture of...
                                  • Calling all uLearn19 presenters
                                    Calling all uLearn19 presenters
                                    Are you interested in sharing your learning experiences at uLearn19? Extend yourself and try your hand at presenting.  Hold a 60-90 minute workshop, 25 minute taster session, 2 minute digital smackdown or a pop-up maker-space. Why not think about presenting your peer reviewed paper at Kia...